Because the right thing is your thing.

We live in a world full of choices. And with millions of voices loudly lauding their thing - it’s no wonder we’re confused. It’s time to shut out the noise. Follow your heart. Trust your gut. Stay true to yourself - and be a champion of your own choices. We’ve got your back. Because, you see, you can’t go wrong when you follow your thing.

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Explore their thing, to find yours

Looking for inspiration? Get to know the characters, personalities and stories from our latest TV ad - and the DFS sofas that are just their thing!

summer campaign with the enchanted sofa

Tash Charalambous & Dave Adamu

For Tash and Dave, it’s all about yellow. The colour of creativity, happiness and joy - why wouldn’t you want this shade to adorn everything in your space?

summer campaign with the joules windsor sofa

Mr & Mrs Cartwright

Fancy another, dear? Mr and Mrs Cartwright are true hosting extraordinaires. From delicious charcuterie platters to the very best cocktails, their parties are the place to be.

summer campaign with the euphoria sofa

Eddy & Teddy Armstrong

Eddy, Teddy and their three daughters have created a home that matches their bright, quirky and chaotic energy. Their house is full of nick-nacks that tell the stories of their unique life adventures.

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Loved our ad? See how we made it!

What's cake, and what's CGI? How many cushions did it take to build that sofa fort? And is that actually a real goat in a suit?! Take a peek behind the scenes, and see for yourself how we made their thing come to life in our latest TV advert.

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spring savings 2024

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