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U-Shaped Sofa Buying Guide

A snug and inviting upgrade, a u-shaped sofa brings comfort and a touch of grandeur directly into the heart of your living room. From a large u-shaped sofa to the cosier models, u-shaped sofas in leather or fabric, or even ones that recline - there’s a style for everyone. Keep reading to discover what sizes and colours are available for a DFS u-shaped sofa, and which u-shaped sofa will work best for you.

What is a u-shaped sofa?

Before we help you find your perfect settee, let’s first set the scene of what a u-shaped sofa looks like.

A go-to for the stars, you might have seen an A-lister proudly present this sofa on the noughties classic, Cribs. The extravagant design of a DFS u-shaped sofa brings a touch of Hollywood’s grandeur to your front room.

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Echoing the conversation pits of the 1950s and 60s, the titular u-shape of the sofa brings communication and connection to the forefront of your living room. From small get-togethers to family gatherings, a u-shaped sofa means you can have face-to-face conversation no matter how many people are together.

U-shaped sofas also feature a shorter backrest than most traditional sofas, making them ideal for lounging. Coupled with elongated seating cushions, these sofas encourage you to cuddle up, lay back, and put your comfort first.

Why should I buy a u-shaped sofa?

Is your place the go-to for large family gatherings? Or perhaps you prefer to spend your evenings cosied up with a brew watching the soaps? Well, a u-shaped settee works for both the social bee and home body.

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For starters, a u-shaped sofa has space for everyone! Pulling up chairs from the dining table - or using coffee tables as makeshift seats - is a thing of the past with a u-shaped settee - perfect for hosting friends for a cosy game’s night.

But if quiet nights in are more your speed, then what could possibly be better than curling up in the middle of a u-shaped settee? The deep seats make this sofa perfect for that satisfying sink in feeling, so you can spend your evening completely enveloped by soft fabric and cosy cushions.

What u-shaped sofas are available at DFS?

Once you’ve decided a DFS u-shaped sofa is for you, it can be tricky to pick which style and size is best, so let us help you!

In terms of sofa material, you can pick up a u-shaped leather sofa for the more modern home, or a u-shaped fabric sofa if a cosy décor is more your speed.

Despite being known for their large size, there are many different u-shaped sofa sizes available. A small u-shaped sofa is ideal to keep your living room open and allow space for coffee tables or bookshelves. On the other hand, a large u-shaped sofa gives you more seating options for guests.

In terms of style, you could go for a modular u-shaped settee which allows you to rearrange at your leisure - giving you full control of the layout of your seats, and making it so much easier to change up your living room!

So, from the modern to the classic, cosy to the formal, there is a u-shaped sofa design perfectly suited to you no matter your style. For more details on each type of u-shaped sofa, continue reading, below:

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Fabric u-shaped sofa

From cottage-core to luxury glamour - a fabric u-shaped sofa offers so many different options, making them fantastically versatile.

While the idea of a u-shaped settee might feel modern, you can opt for a classic flat weave or linen look fabric for a quintessential cottage-core feel; an opulent velvet to dial up the glamour; or even a nubby boucle for an on-trend, snuggly feel. What’s more, fabric sofas are designed to be soft and inviting, and when you marry that with the open design of a u-shaped sofa, you get the perfect settee to complete any cosy living room!

So, grab a blanket and a good book, and sink right down into your cosy fabric u-shaped sofa.

Leather u-shaped sofa

For those looking to bring a bit of sleek modernity to their living room, then your search is over with a u-shaped leather sofa.

The smooth texture of leather exudes class and style, bringing the most sophisticated of finishing touches to a modern living room. Nothing says ‘classy cocktail night with friends’ better than sleek leather.

A u-shaped leather sofa also leaves a totally blank canvas for you to dress and accessorise however you want. Whether that be draping a large, knitted blanket over the arm rest, or adding in some scatter cushions - anything goes with a u-shaped leather sofa!

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U-shaped sofa beds

Take your sofa seamlessly from day to night with a u-shaped sofa bed.

From those looking to get creative with studio apartment space to the parents of little ones wondering where five kids are going to sleep at a birthday sleepover, a u-shaped sofa bed is the solution to any space-saving question.

When it’s time to catch those precious eight hours, simply fold out the mattress, grab some pillows and a blanket, and you’re ready to go! For an extra cosy sleep, try slotting the sofa cushions into any gaps to create a more enclosed and secure-feeling snooze.

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Recliner u-shaped sofas

If you value comfort and relaxation above all else, then why not pop your feet up with a recliner u-shaped sofa?

Recliner settees typically come in two styles: manual or power, with the power options offering a choice of mains or rechargeable battery powered.

For the most affordable option, a manual recliner offers a choice of 3 positions - standard sit, feet up, or full recline - though they do require some physical effort to operate.. Upgrading to a power recliner not only lets you, recline at the press of a button - but offers 80 unique positions to choose from, as well as options like adjustable headrests, integrated charging and heated seats.

As soon as the end of the day swings around, stick on your comfort show, lean back, and experience total relaxation with a recliner u-shaped sofa.

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Modular u-shaped sofas

For those who love to change up their space at the drop of a hat, a modular u-shaped sofa allows full customisation of your living room.

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Here at DFS, we offer two types of modular u-shaped sofas. In our Sofables range, you can fully customise the shape and size of your sofa as it is delivered in separate sections - the seats, the arms, and the backs - which can be easily reassembled to your liking.

We also offer modular sofas that can still be rearranged into a new shape - such as that magic u-shape - but the back is fixed, offering a solid foundation to build around.

If you’re hosting a party, then you can shift sections around to leave more floor space. Or for a game’s night, create two sofas facing each other to encourage some friendly competition.

A modular u-shaped sofa puts you in total control of your living room layout.

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What size u-shaped sofa should I buy?

Before you begin picking out your u-shaped settee, it’s important you know how much space you’re working with. Make sure to measure the intended area for your sofa before anything else!

Once you’ve got the measurements, you can then start to think about how you’ll use your DFS u-shaped sofa.

If you host regular get-togethers and your living room is on the larger side, then you could grab an 8-seater u-shaped sofa. But don’t feel the need to go big if you don’t need that much seating - you can always leave space for shelving units and side tables as well!

On the other hand, if you don’t have the room, work with what you’ve got - a simple 2-seater sofa keeps things cosy and is ideal if you’re looking to save on space. And, if you’d like, try pairing a footstool with your sofa for some extra space-saving seating.

What colour u-shaped sofa should I buy?

There are tons of colour options available for a u-shaped settee. From the more adventurous like burnt orange, to the clean and simple grey u-shaped sofa, there is bound to be a colour that’s just your thing.

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If your living room features a lot of beige and cream, then you could pick out a dark brown u-shaped leather sofa to create some interesting contrast. Or, stick with your colour palette and go for a shade that matches your walls, for a consistent colour scheme across your lounge.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a true show-stopping centrepiece for your living room, an emerald green velvet u-shaped sofa might be right for you.

Whatever colour you go for, make sure it reflects your style and suits your taste.

U-shaped sofa FAQs

We know picking the perfect sofa for you can feel quite daunting, so let us help by answering some of the questions you might be asking when browsing DFS u-shaped sofa.

U-shaped sofas and l-shaped sofas feature many of the same qualities, so if you’re in the decision stage of which to opt for, it might be useful to know some key differences.

You get more seating with a u-shaped sofa, so there’s much more space for people to hang out together. This is great if you host parties, as there’s plenty of seating for people to chat together - but also enough room for people to go off into smaller, more intimate groups.

L-shaped sofas (also known as a corner sofa) fit nice and snug in the corner of any room, so it won’t take up as much space, and may make your room feel more open. These sofas are great if you’re looking for a space saver but, rightly so, don’t want to compromise on comfort.

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This is the fun part. Your sofa should reflect your personality to a T, so here are some ways you can style your u-shaped sofa to do just that

For those who love a vibrant living room, try out some scatter cushions in colours like pink, orange, or yellow. You can even find novelty scatter cushions featuring fun prints and patterns.

Or, for those who like to take things back to basics, try a simple throw blanket. Ideal for adding a homely, lived-in touch to any sofa, but also perfect for keeping warm in the winter months.

If you’re after something you can pop your feet up on at the end of the day, then an ottoman or storage footstool might be right for you. These fabulous space-savers are also ideal for storage, so you’ve got somewhere safe for those winter blankets during the warmer months.

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This is the fun part. Your sofa should reflect your personality to a T, so here are some ways you can style your u-shaped sofa to do just that

Where you place a sofa can work wonders for the overall ambience of a room, so there are some different placements for u-shaped sofas to enhance different features.

One benefit of a u-shaped sofa is how it opens the room and encourages conversation between you and your guests. To enhance this, have your u-shaped sofa encircle a coffee table. When guests are over, you’ve got a perfect place to rest cups of tea and leave snacks for visitors to enjoy.

You could also create a movie nook. Simply, place your tv against the wall with your u-shaped corner sofa surrounding it. Great for cosying in and immersing yourself in your favourite flick.

If you’re ready to begin shopping for your perfect DFS u-shaped sofa, or if you want to explore the perks of a corner sofa a bit more first, head on over to our inspiration hub. Alternatively, start shopping for our wider sofas and armchair collection today!

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