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Corner sofas

Not sure which corner sofa is right for you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here at DFS, we boast a wide range of corner settees and L shaped sofas to suit your space, style, and budget. Looking for a compact corner sofa? Chaise end, 3 seater and 4 seater corner sofas, for instance, are the perfect option for those looking for a comfortable nook. Those that are working with more room will love to stretch out on a large L shaped sofa, like our 7 seater and 8 seater corner sofas that are ideal for luxurious living rooms. Check out our corner sofa buying guide for tips on how to measure up and get the right style to suit you.

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How to measure for a corner sofa

When shopping for a corner sofa, the most important thing to know is whether it will fit in your space! Luckily we have plenty of options for all spaces - from small 3 seater corner sofas to huge corner groups or modular sofas that can seat upwards of 7 people. To find out what will fit, you’ll need to take both length, width and seat depth measurements - and be aware of how the height may impact window sills, radiators and any panelling or decorative wall features. When measuring for your sofa, it’s often helpful to mark the shape with tape or newspaper on the floor, so you can get a feel for how much space it will take in your room. Don’t forget to check it will fit through doors and hallways too! For more information and advice on measuring your space for your corner sofa, check out our sofa measuring guide.

What is a right-hand corner sofa?

There’s more than one type of right-hand corner sofa! A right-hand corner sofa may be; a standard corner sofa, where the longer piece is on the right-hand side; a chaise-end corner sofa, where the chaise is on the right-hand side; or an open-end corner sofa, where the solid arm is on the right-hand side. For more about the different types of right-hand sofas, check out our corner sofa buying guide.

What is a left-hand corner sofa?

There’s also more than one type of left-hand corner sofa! A left-hand corner sofa may be; a standard corner sofa, where the longer piece is on the left-hand side; a chaise-end corner sofa, where the chaise is on the left-hand side; or an open-end corner sofa, where the solid arm is on the left-hand side. For more about the different types of left-hand sofas, check out our corner sofa buying guide.

How to style a corner sofa

Once you’ve made a decision on the perfect corner sofa for you, you may want some advice on how to style it. For example, we’re often asked how to put a throw on a corner sofa - and particularly, how to make it look good! Placing a fleecy throw blanket on your sofa is a surefire way to add a splash of colour or make your living room feel warmer and more welcoming. A few of our favourite ways to style a throw include; neatly folding the throw into thirds, and hanging it over the back of the sofa or the arm; a messy drape which is tucked under some chunky cushions; folded into quarters, and artfully draped over the chaise or open end; or tossed into a nearby basket (great if you have multiple throws and blankets).To keep a fluffy blanket in place on a leather sofa, try sticking some Velcro tape on the fabric and attach it to the back of the sofa, draping the throw over the seat as you see fit.

If your sofa doesn’t come with built-in storage or cup holders, you’ll likely want a handy surface to put drinks on - luckily we also stock a range of coffee tables and bedside tables that do the job perfectly. And for the final finishing touches, check out our selection of stylish rugs and scatter cushions to truly make it your thing.

How to arrange cushions on a corner sofa

Styling your corner sofa is one thing - but what about how to dress a corner sofa with cushions? Some of our favourite ways include; in pairs - a minimalist and modern approach, groups of 2 or 4 cushions work well; in threes - a more informal and relaxed look, which works best with mixed sizes; repeating pattern - choose two or three styles and repeat them in a pattern; mixed shapes - go bold with a mix of colours, shapes and styles for an eclectic look; or colour palette - select all the same shapes or styles, but mix up the colours to bring variety to your space. If you like to change up your space often, consider a pillow back sofa - these are ideal for rearranging cushions for a fresh look. Searching for the perfect cushions to dress your corner sofa? Check out our range of scatter cushions in a huge range of fabrics, styles and colours!

Where to buy a corner sofa

After 50 years of helping customers to find their perfect L shaped sofa, here at DFS we know everyone’s thing is a little different - so we offer several ways to browse and buy your dream corner sofa. You can explore our range of fabric corner sofas, leather corner sofas, corner recliner sofas, and corner sofa beds online from the comfort of your own home, get help from our sofa experts via phone, or visit us at your local store for the all-important sit test.

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