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Make every blockbuster epic.

You know a thing or two about entertaining the family. And it’s not just your expert movie choices or skillful popcorn making. For you, the whole experience matters. So upgrade your home cinema with a Cinesound sofa. Packed with impressive features like a 3D audio system, vibration pads, powered headrests and footrests, and even cup holders keeping drinks chilled. When it comes to elevating your movie night, this sofa wins best supporting role.

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Sink in. Feel immersed

From your favourite streaming services to the latest console games, a Cinesound sofa turns anything into a true cinema experience. Surround sound speakers, 4D vibrating seats, and individually adjustable reclining seats are all wrapped up with a stylish, modern look.


Packed with clever features

Bring the cinema into your living room with an array of smart features, designed to deliver a truly immersive experience.

cinesound surround sound speakers

Hidden surround sound speakers

Elevate your watching or gaming experience with hidden speakers underneath each seat and behind the storage console - delivering crystal clear surround sound.

cinesound built in wireless charging

Built-in wireless charging

A wireless device charging pad, and USB and USB-C charging ports - right on the sofa console - ensure your handheld device doesn’t run out of battery.

cinesound vibrating 4d seats

Vibrating 4D cinema seats

Discover the next level of 4D cinema, with seats that vibrate in time to music and sound effects - for a truly immersive experience.


Experience more. Together.

Discover the next level of immersive movies, gaming and TV that keep the whole family tuned in. Creating core memories with family and friends? It happens on a Cinesound sofa.

Our smartest sofa yet delivers the cinema experience at home

Packed with features designed to dial up enjoyment of your favourite movies and games

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Hidden bluetooth speakers deliver crystal clear surround sound

Chilled cup holders keep your drink cool and fresh - sliding away when not in use

4D cinema seats vibrate in time with music or sound effects

Wireless charging pad for quick and easy charging of compatible devices

Handy built-in storage keeps device remotes (and snacks) where you need them

USB and USC ports offer charging for additional devices

Fast, flexible connectivity

Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, your Cinesound sofa can connect to a range of devices - including smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs

cinesound switch

Switch on the sofa

Switch on the sofa by holding down the power button for 3 seconds

cinesound connectivity bluetooth

Connect via bluetooth

Connect your smartphone or device via Bluetooth, by selecting your Cinesound sofa in your device’s Bluetooth menu


Enjoy playback

Enjoy playback of your favourite movies, games or music from your device

Experience in store

Discover the immersive Cinesound range now in your local DFS store! Our in-store sofa experts can’t wait to help you discover this next-generation sofa.

Explore the range

Mix and match sofas, consoles, chairs and footstools to create the ideal cinema setup for your space.

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