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Meet our RESILIENCE sofas

Exclusive to DFS, the Resilience range is designed to withstand family life, providing comfort that truly lasts. Our luxury leather look and faux suede fabrics are tested to higher international standards, both in strength and durability, and against wear and tear. So no matter what life throws at them, Resilience sofas are built to last.

Soft Touch

Long-lasting without compromise on comfort

Strength and Durability

We put our fabrics and seams through their paces

Wear and Tear

Tough enough to look good for much, much longer

Family Friendly

Bring on the rough and tumble of daily life

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Tested to the highest international standards

While all DFS upholstery fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure their suitability - the RESILIENCE range takes this to the next level. All our RESILIENCE fabrics have passed a higher level of performance tests for strength and durability - tests designed for commercial applications, meaning they exceed the requirements for domestic furniture. A range of physical performance tests, measuring a variety of factors, ensure these fabrics are strong, durable and resistant to tearing and pilling.

This test ensures that the fabric is strong enough for upholstery applications, and will not tear when upholstered into cushions or frame coverings.

Similar to the tear test, this ensures the strength of the cover is robust enough to withstand weight being forced on it. This test simulates the sofa being sat on over and over again, just like how it would be in your home.

This test is carried out by rubbing the fabric with a slightly abrasive material, to determine whether the rubbing of clothing fabrics against the sofa cover over time will cause a wearing down of fibres, or even thread breakage.

This test is carried out by rubbing a fabric against the sofa material to ensure that the surface doesn’t gain any little balls of loose fibres (pilling), which are unsightly and can make the cover of the sofa look worn out ahead of time.

This test determines how strong the sofa’s seams are once sewn into the cushion covers. A weight is placed on the cushion to determine whether the seams are robust enough that they won’t slip or burst open under pressure.

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Faux suede

Looks like leather, feels like velvet. A hard wearing fabric with a brushed, suede-like feel, without the upkeep - with a pattern inspired by natural veining to add an interesting, dappled look. Soft to the touch, budget-friendly and super-practical for busy families.

Leather look

The qualities of leather, without the drawbacks. Our leather-look fabric makes an affordable alternative to a more natural-looking leather - and is proven to stand up to pilling, abrasion, and busy family life.

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Don’t want to wait? Our quick delivery RESILIENCE ranges are in stock and available to be delivered in as little as 7 days!

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