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Explore modular sofas at DFS

Offering flexibility, adaptability and endless possibilities for customisation, a modular sofa can’t be beat when it comes to designing a sofa just for you. Want to find out more about the benefits of modular sofas, and which type might be your thing? Check out our quick guide to modular sofas at DFS below.

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What is a modular sofa?

Modular or sectional sofas are made up of a number of individual pieces that can be arranged into a shape to suit any space, large or small. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving corner sofa, a U-shaped sofa to fit the whole family, or simply like the idea of being able to split and rebuild your sofa when you fancy a change - our modular sofas can be adapted for your needs.

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The benefits of modular sofas

Want to know how a modular sofa would work in your home? Let’s take a look at the benefits of this clever style of sofa…

Ideal for urban flats or smaller rooms, a configurable modular sofa can eliminate wasted space by enabling you to build a sofa that fits the available room. Because each unit is individual, they also easily fit through small doors, tight halls and can be manoeuvred up flights of stairs or into lifts with ease, making them ideal for terraced houses, high rise apartments or those who move house regularly.

With an almost limitless number of options to customise a modular sofa, it’s easy to personalise them to the way you relax. Love to put your feet up? Add a chaise. Always fighting over who gets to sit in the corner? Add two corners by creating a U-shape sofa. Want storage, cup holders, lighting or integrated charging? There’s plenty of options to add these features where you need them with a DFS modular sofa.

One of the best things about a modular sofa is that it can move and adjust with you, adapting and changing as your needs do. Whether you need to accommodate a growing family, are creating the perfect setup for movie night or a party, or simply fancy a new seating layout; our modular sofas can be easily re-arranged into new shapes whenever you like. You also have the option to grow your sofa over time, adding additional pieces as and when you see fit.

A modular sofa adds more than just a comfy seat to your space - it can become the place to host game nights, binge watch your favourite shows, read with the kids, gather friends for a cosy catch up, and some even turn into a guest bed. Modular sofas make a great feature piece for an open-plan living space, letting you create a natural divide between kitchen, dining and living areas. With a modular corner sofa or L-shaped sofa you can create a cosy break-off seating area for the whole family to enjoy.

Types of modular sofas

Sold on the amazing benefits of a modular sofa for your space? There’s even more great news - with so many different types of modular sofas to choose from, it’s easy to find one that’s just your thing.

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Leather modular sofa

A sleek and stylish leather modular sofa is a timeless option, particularly for more contemporary spaces. As well as luxurious genuine leather modular sofas, we also offer faux leather ranges for a budget-friendly option that still feels luxe.

Modular sofa bed

A modular sofa bed makes a particularly clever addition, especially for those with smaller homes who love to entertain. As well as offering all the benefits of a modular sofa, a modular sofa bed adds the extra bonus of turning into a guest bed at just a moment’s notice. Who needs a guest room when you have one of these?

Small modular sofa

Make the most of your floorspace by opting for a small modular sofa. As well as enabling you to maximise the space you have, a small modular sofa lets you rearrange to fit the mood - letting you easily turn your living space from cosy home cinema to cocktail lounge, whenever you see fit.

Curved modular sofa

Adding both style and practicality to your home, a modern curved modular sofa creates an interesting focal point, especially in an open plan space. Keep the rest of your furniture and accessories minimal to ensure the elegance of this sofa’s curves really pop.

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Chaise modular sofa

Love to put your feet up? A chaise modular sofa is for you. This type of modular sofa elongates the seat, incorporating a footstool right into the sofa - ideal for getting snuggly while reading or watching your favourite shows.

Modular recliner sofa

Several of our ranges offer you the option of creating a modular recliner sofa that makes the most of your available space. Whether your living space is small or large - or somewhere in between - you can create an L-shaped or U-shaped modular sofa that incorporates reclining seats exactly where you want them. Some of our modular recliner sofa ranges also offer extra options, like storage, cup holders, reading lights, heated seats and more.

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U shape modular sofa

Opting for a U shaped modular sofa is ideal if you spend a lot of time socialising, as it means all your guests can easily join the conversation. U shaped modular sofas are ideal to wrap around a coffee table, which is the perfect place to position drinks, snacks, or even a party game. This type of modular sofa is also great if you love to stretch out and put your feet up while watching your favourite shows!

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