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Buying a new sofa is a real investment, and one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to decorating your home.
Sofa care tips

Sofa care tips

We've put together a few handy tips and tricks that'll allow your whole family to relax on your sofa together every day, while keeping it looking its best. Knowing how to care for your sofa on a daily, weekly and yearly basis will extend your sofa's life, keeping it comfortable for longer....
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Plumping up fibre-filled cushions every day will help them to keep their original shape and prevent them from becoming deflated as their fibres mesh together – and it takes no time at all. To do this effectively, hit them on all sides and drop them onto a clean floor to get some air back into them. Also remember to swap your fibre-filled cushions around. This means that none of them see more action than the others and they all stay as comfy as possible.

Stains should always be tackled right away – first by soaking up any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth, and then by spot-cleaning the area. Make sure you have the right cleaning products for your fabric and keep them within reach in case you need them in an emergency. If you use the wrong supplies for your sofa, you could risk damaging the material and voiding your insurance policy. Check the tag or label to see what we recommend.

Gradual daily damage to cushions can be avoided by keeping them away from food preparation areas, direct sunlight and the elements. So check that your sofa is out of reach of potential hazards to keep it looking its best.

First, wipe your cushions down every week with a clean cloth; it can either be damp or dry depending on the type of fabric. This will remove any general dust and dirt that has built up and stop any gradual staining in its tracks.

One of the most effective ways to keep your cushions looking smart is to hoover them all over once a week. We recommend using a low setting and a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.

Brushing your sofa cushions might feel a little odd at first, but it’s the perfect way to keep the fabric intact and the colours bright. Cushion covers can look dull and worn over time if the fabric is constantly flattened, so give them some TLC with a soft brush to fluff the fibres back up.

Nothing ages your cushions as much as bobbling or pilling, so a weekly bobble-removing session can be an instant facelift for your sofa. A fabric shaver, which is designed for use on clothing, is ideal for use on cushion covers as it will remove bobbles gently while preserving the material.

Protection plans

We’ve got summaries of our different protection plans, so you can quickly find out what you’re covered for and what you’re not.

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