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Find the ideal desk for your home office with our range of fixed, standing and corner desks. The range of home office desks at DFS includes glass, ceramic marble and wood styles, so you can find something that’s as stylish as it is practical. Choose a desk with storage or a sit-stand desk for all-day comfort - the choice is yours. And with great desks from brands like Koble and dwell, you’ll know our home office desks are made to last. Found the perfect desk? Check out our selection of office chairs, bookshelves, and rugs, to finish your home office makeover.

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Discover Desks at DFS

What size desk should I get?

Most desks are around 120cm wide, and are ideal for those with one or two monitors - of course, if you like more space, you should consider a wider desk or a corner desk. Depths can range between 50 and 80cm, with the smaller sizes being great for laptops and desktop computers, and the deeper ones better for painting, drawing and other hobbies. As for height, most desks are 75cm tall, which accommodates most people comfortably. If you are shorter than average, consider a footrest for extra comfort, and for those of us over 6ft, you may want to consider a slightly taller desk.

Is a corner desk a good idea?

Corner desks are very versatile, offering additional surface area without taking up too much floorspace. Many also come with additional built-in storage shelves, which are ideal for keeping clutter under control. If you need extra space at your desk - for example, if you use multiple monitors, wrap gifts or packages often, or use your desk for arts and crafts, a corner desk could be a great fit for you.

Where is the best place for my desk?

While some of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated home office space for our desks, others may need to keep theirs in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or even on a landing or in the hallway. Wherever you choose, you need to make sure you have enough space to pull out your chair from your desk and comfortably sit in it, and also - if you will be using a computer - that there is a sufficient power source nearby. You might decide to position your desk near a window so you can enjoy the sunlight or views while you are working. However, it’s important to avoid glare on your monitors, so make sure to test this out before deciding on a permanent position for your desk.

Should I buy a standing desk?

Standing desks - or sit-stand desks - have become very popular in recent years as people have begun to understand the drawbacks of sitting at the computer all day. Choosing a standing desk offers much more versatility - while some tasks are admittedly easier while sitting down, plenty of general office tasks can be performed while standing - like video meetings or taking calls. Some even choose to install a walking pad under their standing desk to enable light exercise during their working day. If you are concerned about sitting for long periods, or would like to get the blood flowing more during your working day, you should definitely consider buying a standing or sit-stand desk.

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