Our vision

As a sofa company, we know a thing or two about comfort. Unwinding, breathing out and putting your feet up. But our commitment to comfort doesn’t stop with sofas. It’s about making the world a more comfortable place.

We have a duty to be better and try harder in everything we do. That’s why we’re striving to make a difference for our planet, our communities and our people. Whether it's sourcing sustainably, reducing our CO2 emissions, or supporting our charity partners, our thing is doing the right thing. Because we believe, that's the best thing for everyone.

Our commitments



As a sofa company, we want our people to feel comfortable too. And that means making everyone feel welcome by supporting colleagues, creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment, and respecting each other as part of the same family.

Sofa Rescue

We make disposal of your unwanted sofa easy and help divert it from landfill.

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Grand Designs sofas

Meet our new sustainable products

At the heart of the new Grand Designs range sits a grand ambition; to create sofas that are stylish, super comfy and beautifully made from innovative and sustainable materials.

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Community partnerships