Sofa rescue
Sofa rescueSofa rescue
As part of our ‘Sofa Cycle’ and our commitment to taking a whole system approach we’re working hard to help customers dispose of old products responsibly. Too many household items can still end up in landfill. It’s why we’re exploring new ways of recovering and recycling old sofas and ensuring they’re disposed of sustainably. Our innovative Sofa Rescue scheme makes it easier than ever before for customers to remove their old sofa and help divert it from landfill.


In partnership with Clearabee, a two person team will collect your sofa from indoors or outdoors. We have fixed prices based on the size of your sofa, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying before you book.

They will carefully remove your old furniture and dispose of your sofa responsibly - recycling as much of the materials and components as possible. What’s more, Clearabee also plants trees to offset the carbon emissions of collection. So far our Sofa Rescue initiative has saved over 50,000 pieces of furniture from going to waste.

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Choose and pay for Sofa Rescue

When placing your order or choose Sofa Rescue when arranging delivery of your new sofa.

Book your collection day

When arranging delivery of your new sofa or via self service delivery booking and tell us how many sofas, sofa beds or armchairs you want taking away.

On collection day

Our sofa partner Clearabee will carefully remove your old furniture as arranged and recycle as much as possible.

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