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Explore corner sofas at DFS

Make the most of your living space with a corner sofa from DFS. Whether you’re working with a smaller space or a larger one, a corner sofa lets you add plenty of space to stretch out, maximising corners or awkward layouts to deliver comfort for the whole family. It’s no wonder corner sofas are some of our most popular shapes!

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Types of corner sofas

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which size of corner sofa is right for you. Generally, it comes down to your space and how many people you expect to be sitting on it most of the time. Check out our tips below to help you decide which size is right for you!

A small corner sofa is ideal for a smaller living room, particularly for couples and small families. Most two seater corner sofas feature a chaise, which allows you to put your feet up without needing a separate footstool. A chaise corner sofa is both a stylish and practical choice for adding comfort to smaller spaces.

For midsize families, a medium corner sofa is just the ticket. Our two-corner-two sofas - which is a pair of two seater sofas joined with a corner seat - are the ideal medium sized corner sofas for families of three or four. You can also opt for an open end corner sofa, which features a chaise-style end on one side without an armrest - for those who like to put their feet up.

To accommodate big families, all your friends, or make an impact in a large, open-plan space - there’s nothing better than an extra large corner sofa. Our three-corner-three sofas are essentially a pair of three seater sofas joined with a corner piece, creating a large corner sofa which can comfortably seat six people. Still need more space? Create your own extra large modular corner sofa - or add some matching armchairs - to maximise your seating space.

Corner sofas for every budget

Affordable corner sofas

No matter the size of your budget, there’s likely a corner sofa for you - and if yours is tight, you can still find plenty of choice within our affordable corner sofas. Even our cheapest corner sofas offer the same great quality you’d expect from DFS; with solid, sturdy frames, hard-wearing fabric or leather upholstery, and low-maintenance fillings that last.

Luxury corner sofas

If lounging in luxury is more your thing, our luxury corner sofas might be for you. Whether it’s genuine full-grain leather, stylishly spacious proportions, or premium long-lasting fillings - investing in a luxury corner sofa will deliver year upon year of cosy, cocooning comfort.

Discover a corner sofa with clever features

A DFS corner sofa offers much more than just comfortable seats. From recliners to storage, charging ports to heated seats, our range of corner sofas offers a plethora of clever gadgets and added extras that take comfort to the next level.

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corner sofas with clever design features

Corner sofa brands exclusively at DFS

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Stylish corner sofas for every space

With 1000s of corner sofas to choose from at DFS - across a range of styles, sizes, fabrics and colours - you’re sure to be able to find your thing.

leather corner sofas

Leather corner sofas

Nothing compares to the feel of leather - and if a leather corner sofa is your thing, there’s plenty to choose from at DFS. Our leather corner sofa range includes both luxury corner sofas upholstered in genuine leather all-over, as well as more affordable options - which use genuine leather on all the seating areas, and matching leather-look fabric around the sides and back.

rattan corner sofas

Rattan corner sofas

Discover our stylish range of outdoor corner sofas, and bring indoor comfort into the great outdoors! A garden corner sofa offers the same great comfort as any of our indoor sofas, but with the added benefit of being designed to withstand rain, wind, and UV rays.

high back corner sofas

High backed corner sofas

Support your back, improve your posture and make your tall friends and family members more comfortable with our range of higher back corner sofas. A high back sofa offers better support to your spine, promotes improved posture and can even help to alleviate back pain.

Shop corner sofas by colour

Colour scheme in mind? No problem. From our classic grey corner sofas for a contemporary look, to beige and white corner sofas that will freshen any space - and even pink corner sofas to live your Barbiecore dreams - we have every colour of the rainbow covered, in a range of different fabrics and leathers.

Black and Grey Corner Sofas | Cream and Beige Corner Sofas | Blue Corner Sofas | Green Corner Sofas | Brown Corner Sofas | Orange Corner Sofas | Pink Corner Sofas

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