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DFS Storeaway is a new range of luxury, modular corner sofas with hidden functions and technology. A collection of superhero modular sofas with hidden depths! The ultimate in multitasking, DFS Storeaway is where style and comfort meet ingenuity with a new range of luxury, modular corner sofas with hidden features and technology.
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See the hidden features from angle lights and USB charging to storage solutions in more detail in our video.

Heated seats and bolsters

Heated seats are perfect for making sure you’re always calm, comfy and cosy, even on the coldest of days. Plus, the average running costs are better value than heating your home.

Range of fabrics background

Available in a great range of family friendly fabrics and on trend colours - from velvet to woven and tactile materials , all designed to bring more style and comfort into your home.

Chilled drink holders

Chilled drink holders

Always refreshing. Not only do the cup holders keep drinks safe from spillage, they also keep them refreshingly cool.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging

Everything at your fingertips with USB, power sockets and wireless charging


Lift top console with two lights

Two concealed lamps so you can read comfortably without getting up to turn on the light

Pull out sofabed

Pull out sofabed - Room for extra guests with a pull out sofabed

Drink holder

Drink holders

Conveniently placed cup holders for when you want to cosy up with a hot drink or something more special

Discreet storage

Discreet storage

Discreet storage with ample room for everything you need

Power recliner

Power recliner

Effortlessly put your feet up and relax with smooth power recline

Storage to charging background

From built-in storage to wireless charging, lighting to cupholders, power sockets and USB ports, sofa beds and footstool - these sofas have everything you need to feel perfectly at home. Combined with headrests, power recline and lumbar support features, it really is the ultimate way to relax.

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DFS Storeaway is available in a great range of family friendly fabrics and on trend colours, meaning you can store away in style and comfort.

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