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How do I safely use special design features on DFS products?

Whether you like the idea of watching films in a TV bed or want to kick back with cupholders in a recliner chair, the DFS furniture range offers many special extra features to create your ultimate space to relax.

However, these special features come with additional considerations - to use them safely and avoid potentially damaging the furniture, you’ll need to take extra care when using them. Reading all product advisories and operational instructions before using your furniture is an absolute must.

To find out what else you need to be aware of when using these special features, continue reading, below.

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1. Assembly and installation

While it might seem obvious, you should always check the documents included with your DFS furniture in full before attempting to begin any sort of installation.

We highly recommend that you take the time to carefully read the assembly, operating, and safety warnings for the special features of your furniture. This ensures that you’re using it safely, and aware of any do’s and don’ts, without causing any accidental damage to the furniture or feature components. Don’t forget to make your family members aware of the operating and safety instructions too - especially if they’ll be using it when you’re not around.

For proper peace of mind, we’d always recommend enlisting the help of another adult, whether it’s a friend or family member, to assemble your furniture.

2. Upholstery and seating

It’s important to bear in mind that different types of seating have different characteristics. For example, non-foam seating interiors, like fibre and feather mixes, are designed to give a soft and comfortable sit. There will also be a loose baggy look to some of these non-foam designs, which gives a more ‘lived-in’ look to your product.

Heated seating should be turned off when not in use, as prolonged or unattended use carries the risk of electrical fires. As with any sofa cushions, upkeep is required to ensure the interiors stay looking good for the long haul.

Taking good care of your sofa is essential to keep your furniture in top condition. For more information, read our guide on sofa care and cleaning tips.

3. Electrical and powered features

Many of the added features in the DFS range include electric components - most famously, the powered recliners in our motion furniture collection. As with any electrical product, you need to operate these features with care. All children under 4 years old should not operate DFS furniture and children over 4 years old should always be supervised by an adult.

For instance, electrical special features like Bluetooth speakers, reading lights, and wireless chargers need to be handled and operated carefully. In particular, you need to avoid spillages on these furniture features and be mindful of devices used in the household.

You should also avoid leaving any three-pin, USB, or wireless chargers constantly attached to your furniture when not in use. Once a device or electronic item has been used or fully charged, you need to disconnect it from the furniture to avoid any electrical fire risk or electrocution.

Similarly, some charging wires or devices may not be compatible between furniture and your electronic device. To avoid melted wires or electrical fires, always check whether your device can be charged safely via the furniture. Any Bluetooth speakers or wireless charge pads built into the furniture may not be compatible with all makes and models of devices. Please check your device for wireless charge compatibility.

For devices like vape pens or other similar electronics, please see the device information and specifically the advisories regarding wattage output. Standard USB 2 outputs are a 5-volt and 2 to 2.5 output of electricity, and this may not be safely compatible with all devices that support USB charging.

4. Storage and cup holders

Any DFS furniture that includes storage features needs to be treated with care. For example, avoid storing heavy items over 5KG in the drawers and storage spaces of all seating, as this can damage the motion features. You also need to be careful operating any motion furniture, like head and footrests, to avoid trapped fingers - please refer to model safety advisories.

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If your furniture includes standard cup holders or those with added cooling features, then you should only use that space for holding drinks. Under no circumstances should cooling cup holders be used to distinguish flames or smouldering heat sources. Heavy or awkwardly-shaped objects can also damage the cup holder, rendering it unusable and voiding your warranty. Please also ensure cooling devices are switched off when not in use for safety reasons.

The same goes for furniture with built-in or foldaway tables. Always pull these features out carefully, use only as intended and avoid any spillages.

5. Surroundings and external environment

As well as all the considerations around the furniture itself, you also need to think about any potential hazards in your home.

For example, our special furniture features are not designed to be played with like a toy. As such, children and pets should be supervised around DFS furniture, ensuring there’s no damage from uncontrolled usage like climbing or jumping on the furniture.

In terms of more general hazards, you need to be mindful of reading lights, lamps and heat sources placed near the furniture. Please ensure these are kept a suitable distance away and turned off when not in use, as it can cause damage to the upholstery and other delicate items like electrical features.

Regardless of the type of special features you want to add to your home, it’s vital that you assemble and operate the furniture with due care. If you want a technical consultation to find out more about the potential hazards, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the DFS customer service team.

Alternatively, if you want this special design features guide always on hand, download the original PDF to your device by clicking this link.

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