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Regardless of whether you opt for a leather recliner, fabric recliner, or sofa bed, correctly operating motion seating is vital to ensure ultimate comfort, and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

To enjoy your furniture safely, you need to be aware of the potential hazards and risks that come with any moving parts of the furniture. Continue reading, below, for advice and tips for staying safe with our motion seating furniture.

How to safely operate your recliner sofa

Recliner sofas are one of the most popular types of motion seating, letting you truly put your feet up and unwind after a long day.

In this motion furniture guide, we will be detailing how you can enjoy that relaxation without running into any hazards at home. For example, like most motion seating, some parts of recliner sofas are clearly visible, but others are more obscured, still posing a danger to those using the furniture.

Above all else, we strongly advise that with any motion seating, you should always read and retain any product awareness and operational instructions. As well as these essential instructions, you should keep the following in mind to safely operate your recliner sofa:

Motion Furniture Guide Unsupervised Children

Unsupervised children

Do not allow children under the age of 4 to use motion seating. Children aged 4 and above should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Similarly, children should not play with motion furniture, or be around motion furniture whilst operational. Recliner sofas are not a toy.

Motion Furniture Guide Pets

Pets around recliner sofas

Like children, pets should be kept away from motion seating whilst operational or following a lengthy period of reclining, to avoid them being trapped in any of the moving parts.

Motion Furniture Guide Fingers

Placing fingers or body parts into accessible parts

Whether they’re in use or not in use, be careful when interacting with the moving accessible parts of a recliner sofa, such as the footrest or sides and underneath mechanisms.

How to safely operate your electric or battery-powered recliner

When choosing your recliner sofa or chair, you typically have two power-assisted options: electrical or battery-powered.

How to safely operate electric recliner sofas

As electric recliner sofas need to be plugged into the mains to function, there are specific risks associated with this type of motion seating. For example, trailing wires can cause a tripping hazard.

Remember that all safety information will be found within the operating instructions and safety warnings provided with the product. However, you should also be aware of the following potential hazards when operating your electric recliner sofa or chair:

Do not use multiple extension leads or overload plug sockets. If cables or device wires are trapped, impacted by motion seating, or chewed by pets, this may cause short circuiting, fires, or electric shock.

If you move your recliner sofa, ensure that wires are tidy and not tangled. Any impact or wire entrapment may cause an electrical issue, or worst case, result in a fire or electric shock.

In the case of electrical damage resulting from melting or a small fire, please ensure this is managed and extinguished correctly. Turn the electricity off at the mains if safe to do so and ensure that safety comes first when distinguishing any fire. Never use water on electrical fires.

Smart technology comes in a wide variation, therefore, some devices that are charged by USB ports may or may not withstand a general 5 volt and 2.0-2.5 amp current output. In addition, not all phones are compatible with Wireless charging. Please read all electrical devices for safety information on the recommended output and compatibility.

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Portebello power recliner

Luxury lovers will adore the Portebello’s blend of contemporary design and exceptional comfort - just sit back and relax. The modern new tactile ‘BOSA’ fabric has a unique ‘3D’ appearance with an interesting two tone look. It is an exciting design that is durable, resilient and soft to the touch!

More ways to recline

From classic manual recliners to luxury powered options, adjustable headrests and even functions that remember your favourite positions - there’s more to our motion furniture than might meet the eye. Check out our recliner buying guide to find out which features might be your thing.

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Motion furniture guide san antonio

San Antonio heated power corner

Made from our luxurious Super Club leather, the San Antonio is sleek and contemporary with a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.

Chesterfield sofa FAQs

Got more questions about buying a Chesterfield sofa? See the answers to the most common queries that our customers ask, below.

While everyone talks up its style, Chesterfield sofas also offer an extremely comfortable seating experience. The deep button tufting and rolled arms aren’t just for show – they provide a supportive and cosy feel when you’re lounging across the cushions!

In fact, Chesterfield sofas and armchairs are great for lumbar support, helping to maintain a proper posture while reducing strain on your back muscles.

The classic look for a Chesterfield sofa is traditionally associated with deep, rich colours, such as brown and burgundy. It’s these colours that have helped to shape the elegant look that the Chesterfield is known for.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards more contemporary and eclectic shades. We’re talking about the likes of white, beige, and grey – typically with fabric Chesterfields – that have helped ease this sofa design into more modern motifs.

No, Chesterfield sofas do not need to be leather, with options available clad in fabric, velvet, and a fabric/leather combo.

Very much so!

Chesterfield sofas have been going strong since the 18th century and have shown no signs of easing in popularity. The timeless design of the deep button tufting, rolled arms, and luxurious materials continues to be a favourite of interior designers and homeowners all across the world.

The recent resurgence of vintage and retro designs in home décor only adds to the demand for Chesterfield sofas, with people looking to recreate the striking styles of yesteryear!

While the deep button tufting of your Chesterfield sofa might look easy on the eye, they can be a little tricky to keep clean. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Start by gently brushing the buttons with a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. Then, spot clean the tufting with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent and water solution to gently scrub the buttons and get them sparkling. To finish up, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. Job done!

Of course, the specifics of cleaning a Chesterfield sofa differ depending on the material. You should always first refer to the care instructions of your particular sofa before getting out the cleaning products. Take a look at our fabric care guide or our leather care guide for more general details on how to keep your Chesterfield in tip top condition.

UKCA CE certification

DFS products and components meet British and European electrical safety requirements

How to safely operate your sofa bed

Sofa beds are another type of motion furniture that needs to be used with due care and attention. Both when you’re folding out the bed frame or returning it to its sofa function, be wary of the moving parts that can trap errant fingers and hands.

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Darcy sofa bed

The Darcy will add sophistication to any home, with its chic, spacious design and smart, plush cushions. It comes with foam-filled seat cushions for a beautiful look that bounces back - with no need to plump. Or choose our Memory Foam cushions which respond to your body’s contours to provide the ultimate comfort and support.

To use a sofa bed safely, please bear in mind the following:

  • Unsupervised children: Do not allow children under the age of 4 to use motion furniture. Children aged 4 and above should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Similarly, children should not play with motion furniture, or be around motion furniture whilst operational. Sofa beds are not a toy.
  • Do not operate the sofa bed without reading the instructions and warnings, which have been provided to keep you safe.
  • Supervise the area when operating a sofa bed to avoid any unforeseen accidents involving children or pets.
  • Do not place hands or fingers anywhere around the mechanisms, either while static or when the sofa bed is in motion.
  • Adults or children should not stand or play on, under, or around the sofa bed when in use.
  • Always ask for assistance if you need help pulling out the sofa bed, otherwise, you may cause yourself an injury.
  • Only use the bed function of the sofa bed when it is fully extended and secure with any support legs in place.
  • Only use the sofa bed with the mattress provided with the product. This is because those mattresses are bespoke to the sofa bed and using a variation could damage the motion seating.
  • DFS will not take responsibility for damage to sofa beds when used with unspecified mattresses.

Stay safe, stay comfortable

Whichever type of motion furniture you choose, there are distinct hazards to be aware of. However, with adequate care and attention, you will be able to operate them safely.

If there’s ever any doubt that your motion furniture is unsafe to use, opt for the safe route and consult the product’s awareness and operational instructions. You can also contact DFS customer service for technical consultation.

Alternatively, to always have this motion furniture care guide available, download a PDF copy to your device by clicking this link.

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