An always luxurious and comfortable choice, buying a velvet sofa adds a showstopping centrepiece to your living room setup, delighting both you and your guests in equal measure. But how do you ensure that this lavish material fits seamlessly into your décor? And what velvet furniture choices are out there for you to choose from?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing and buying a velvet sofa.

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Why should I buy a velvet sofa?

Before we dive into the details of which type of velvet furniture is suited to your home, let’s first take a quick look at exactly why velvet and crushed velvet sofas are so popular. And what better place to start than with that lavish look and feel? Velvet’s unique texture is both soft and plush, always catching the eye and inviting you to sink down into the cushions. What’s more, velvet is a surprisingly durable choice for your living room, able to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of sitting, lying, and bouncing across its cushions. Then there’s the sheer amount of colours and styles on offer. Whether you fancy adding a green velvet sofa or want to go all out with millennial pink, you can always find the perfect velvet sofa that satisfies both your personal taste and your current décor. Still not completely sold on a velvet sofa? Continue reading this full velvet sofa buying guide for advice on which type you should purchase.

Velvet Sofa buying guide

What velvet sofas are available at DFS?

If you’re not entirely sure which size of velvet sofa is best, it’s time to break out the measuring tape. The dimensions of your living room will help you decide whether you can fit a 2 seater velvet sofa or if you have the room for a velvet corner sofa.

You should also think about function. Are there any particular features you’d like to have with your velvet sofa, like reclining head and footrests? Will it be used every day, or as a bold accent for the rest of the room? While you’re mulling over these questions, you can read more about the different types of velvet sofas, below.

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2 seater velvet sofas

For those looking to outfit a smaller living room with a touch of elegance, a 2 seater velvet sofa is a wonderful space-saving option that still delivers on its luxurious promise. Larger lounges could also use a 2 seater as an impressive contrast to an existing sofa suite, and they work well in even the most glamorous of boudoirs, too. Take a look at our wider 2 seater sofa for more compact options.


3 seater velvet sofas

If you have a little bit more room to spare, and like the idea of lying spread-eagled across the cushions, then a 3 seater velvet sofa might be a more suitable choice. Not only can you fit more guests on the cushions to enjoy the sumptuous softness, but this larger sofa becomes the stylish focal point of your lounge. To browse more options, take a look at our complete 3 seater sofa collection.


4 seater velvet sofas

Perfect for family film nights and large gatherings in the living room, a 4 seater velvet sofa can fit everyone on the cushions with room to spare. There’s certainly nothing quite like an afternoon nap stretched across the softness of this larger velvet option – it just might be difficult to peel yourself away from the luxurious comfort! Explore our wider 4 seater sofa range for more models that can fit the entire family.


Velvet corner sofas

Velvet corner sofas typically sit the same amount of people as a 4 seater - or more, depending on size – the difference is the L-shaped silhouette that can contour to your living room’s dimensions, not taking up as much square footage. Solo sitters also have the luxury of putting their feet up when they’re relaxing or taking a quick power nap. Browse our complete corner sofa collection to see what else we have on offer.


Velvet recliner sofas

If being able to put your feet up is at the top of your wish list, then look no further than our velvet recliner sofas. You get all the luxurious comfort of a normal velvet sofa and then, with the press of a button, a footrest pops out from the silhouette – perfect for those weekend telly marathons and snoozing in the afternoon. Look over our wider recliner sofa range for more relaxing models.


Velvet armchairs

Whether you want to add an eye-catching accent to your existing sofa suite or would like to squeeze a comfy chair in a reading nook, velvet armchairs could be the opulent throne you’re searching for. Explore our armchair range to see what other accent chairs we have in our collection.

Velvet Sofa buying guide

What other velvet furniture do you sell?

To complement your new velvet sofa, you might wish to consider a velvet footstool or bench - but of course, your lounge is not the only room that can benefit from adding the luxury of velvet to its décor.

Let’s start with the bedroom and our stunning luxury velvet beds - complete with opulent statement headboards, and available with or without storage options beneath. To complement this, explore our range of velvet bedroom chairs - from chaise longues to eye-catching accents, you can find a velvet chair to co-ordinate or contrast with your bedspread and existing décor!

There are also velvet variations of our dining chairs, if you were looking to add some sophistication to your dining room set-up. The soft material keeps you comfortable at mealtimes, while still elevating the overall style of the room.

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Velvet Sofa buying guide

What colour sofa looks best in velvet?

Much like fabric sofas, you can find velvet and crushed velvet sofas in all shades of the colour wheel, with countless options in how you can customise your living room’s look.

So, to make things slightly easier, let’s break down which colours are best suited to different styles:

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If you’re aiming for the warm and inviting feel of a traditional set-up, for example, then we’d recommend opting for a velvet Chesterfield sofa in neutral or earthy tones. We’re talking about the likes of olive green, cream, or terracotta – timeless choices that make everyone feel at home.

Jewel tones, such as deep blue or emerald green velvet sofas, can also work really well in a traditional living room, adding an eye-catching pop of glamour and sophistication.

Modern living rooms, on the other hand, are all about sleek minimalism and bold accents. If you’re looking at a large contemporary velvet sofa, set the tone for your décor with monochromatic colours, such as grey, white, or black. Or should you just want a velvet armchair, consider creating that exciting accent with an electric blue, sunny yellow, or hot pink. Ultimately, however, the best colour for your velvet sofa depends on your personal preference, which is why we offer a huge array of different colour options within our range. Be sure to browse our full collection of colours to see which shade catches your eye.

How to clean and maintain a velvet sofa

While velvet sofas might have a reputation for being hard to clean and difficult to maintain, this isn’t entirely true - you can easily keep your sofa looking fresh with a couple of simple steps. To find out how to clean velvet sofas and crushed velvet sofas, continue reading, below:

And that’s job done! All you need to do is repeat this process every week or so and your velvet sofa will look as good as new for years and years to come. For more general fabric cleaning tips, take a look at our fabric sofa care guide.

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Check the care label

Before you even start collating any cleaning products, you must check the care label first to see if there are any specific cleaning instructions. Some velvet sofas may require professional cleaning to avoid damaging the fabric, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Vacuum the sofa

With a soft brush attachment, gently vacuum the velvet to remove any accumulated dirt, dust, or debris. Make sure you don’t press too hard on the sofa as it could cause damage.

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Spot clean any stains

For lingering stains on the velvet sofa, use a clean, damp cloth to gently blot the area. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can damage the velvet pile. For more stubborn stains, you can use a small amount of mild detergent mixed with water – as long as the care label does not specify otherwise.

Velvet sofa FAQs

Still need more info on velvet sofas before making that final decision? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just read the answers to our customers’ most common questions about velvet sofas, below.

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While traditional velvet sofas enjoy astounding durability, crushed velvet sofas can also retain the same gorgeous good looks for years to come - with a little extra care and maintenance.

For example, you should avoid placing a crushed velvet sofa in direct sunlight, as it can cause the colour to fade and weaken the fabric over time. You should also avoid harsh cleaning products or abrasive brushes that can damage the texture. If in doubt, always refer to the care label.

Of course, it all comes down to personal preferences, but there are some amazing benefits of owning a velvet sofa that everyone should consider before making a purchase.

You might already be aware of velvet’s luxurious look and feel, for example, but did you know that velvet sofas are also a surprisingly durable choice for your living room? If properly cleaned and maintained, velvet sofas could be the family-friendly furniture you’re looking for.

And it would be a comfortable choice, too! Velvet is always soft to the touch, making it that much more satisfying when you sink into the cushions after a long day on your feet.

What’s more, velvet sofas are available in a wide range of colours and styles, making it much easier to find a model that fits into your interior décor.

Velvet sofas have been a popular choice for many centuries now – but don’t mistake their staying power for an outdated or antiquated look. In fact, with so many styles and colours available, velvet and crushed velvet sofas have experienced something of a resurgence over the last few years, soaring in popularity across social media.

Regardless of the colour, size, or style, a velvet sofa is a timeless choice that can elevate any type of interior décor.

If you want to find out more about our range of velvet sofas, just get in touch with our team of experts. We can offer more information on specific products, as well as provide interior advice that could inform your next purchase. You can also start browsing our range of sofas and armchairs, if you want to put this velvet sofa buying guide into action!

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