Thingsters 2023
Thingsters 2023 Cath Kidston Flounce BedThingsters 2023 Empress Bed

So what is your thing? It’s your passion. Your vibe. Your taste. There’s no right or wrong because it’s your style. It’s what brings you joy and what makes you, you!

We love helping people find their thing. With the help of our DFS #thingsters, we want to inspire you to embrace your personality and channel your unique style to create a home that’s perfect for you! Take a look at how our #Thingsters have styled their own living spaces and draw on them for inspiration. If they can do it, you can too!


Pattern and maximalist design are Jack’s thing! His home is filled to the brim with bright colours and bold patterns so it was no surprise that our Cath Kidston Flounce bed in Painted Kingdom caught Jack’s eye when it came to revamping his spare room. Paired with matching wallpaper and accent chair, this space really is a feast for the eyes and perfect for those who just love pattern!


If you know Soozi, you’ll know all about her love and passion for pattern - not just in her home, but in her wardrobe too. For Soozi, more is more, so when she discovered our collection with Cath Kidston, it was a no brainer. She was drawn to the cloud-like curves of our Flounce bed and the magical, hand-painted pattern of Painted Kingdom. The clash of colour and pattern in Soozi’s space is utterly joyful and with the added bonus of underbed storage, what more could you ask for?

Thingsters 2023 Soozie Danson

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