Pillow or Formal Back Sofas
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A quick guide to sofa back styles

What’s the difference between a pillow back and a formal back sofa? Which one is best for me? And where do channel and waterfall backs come in? Don’t fret - in this guide, we’re tackling the different sofa back styles, and each of their features and benefits, so you can feel empowered to find the one that’s just your thing.

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Pillow back and formal back sofas - what’s the difference?

Pillow and formal back sofas are two distinct types that can be found across a range of sofa styles, and deciding between the two makes a pretty dramatic difference to the look and feel of your sofa. It’s worth thinking about whether a pillow or formal back sofa is your preference first, as it can help refine your search for a new sofa.

Should I choose a pillow back or formal back sofa?

It’s a very personal choice, and the two different sofa types will offer dramatically different looks. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you make up your mind…

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Leaning towards one over the other? Luckily, here at DFS, many of our most popular sofa ranges are available in both pillow back and formal back styles, so you won’t be limited in your choice!

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Other Sofa Back Styles

More ways to find your sofa style thing

Need more help finding the sofa that’s just your thing? Check out our sofa style guide, pop into your local DFS store for a chat, or explore some of our most popular buying guides below.

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