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Find the best bed for your home

Whether you’re a new homeowner furnishing your first place, or just want to upgrade your current bedroom setup, finding and choosing the best bed for your needs can feel like quite a daunting task. Sleeping on a broken, sagging or worn out bed - or a mattress on the floor - can quickly affect your sleep quality and aggravate joint or back pain, so it’s key that you can choose and purchase the best bed for you quickly.

Even if you know what you’re looking for - a great child’s bed to support your little one, a storage bed to maximise a small space, or a glamorous super king size bed for your master bedroom - with so many options in every category, where do you even start? Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help!

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Bed buying guide with Daisy bed

What bed sizes are available in the UK?

The best place to start when choosing a bed is to figure out what size bed you need. While there is a wide range of bed sizes available in the UK - from a small single bed to the biggest super king size - you’ll be pleased to know they all use standardised sizing, so it’s easy to find a mattress sized to match. It’s best to choose the bed size that works best for your room first, rather than falling in love with a style that won’t work - as not all bed ranges are available in all sizes.

Find the best type of bed for you

With so many different types of beds to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one might be right for your home. Each type has distinct features, benefits and style choices, so it’s worth understanding which type (or types) might work best for what you’re looking for in a bed.

divan beds

What is a divan bed?

Great for tidying away spare sheets and pillows, divan beds combine classic style and comfort with the option of convenient storage.

These bed bases are made from wood and then covered in fabric, resulting in a clean look that takes up minimal floor space. There’s also the option to add storage - two or four drawers, depending on what you need - and most divan beds have matching headboards (and sometimes footboards) available too.

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ottoman beds

What is an ottoman bed?

Offering even more storage than divan beds, ottoman beds provide the perfect balance between style and function.

Ottoman beds feature gas-powered pistons that enable you to lift up the mattress to reveal the spacious storage capacity beneath - really maximising your bed’s footprint. This type of bed has become very popular in recent years, and as a result, there are many different styles and silhouettes now available - from simple and understated, to dramatic, hotel-style statement ottoman beds.

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bed frames

What is a bed frame?

A bed frame usually includes a headboard, footboard, side rails and slat system, to securely support your mattress. Many of them come flat packed and can be easily assembled and taken apart again, which offers an advantage if access to your bedroom is difficult.

These types of beds offer many style and material options - from wood and metal to upholstered bed frames - and because they raise your mattress off the floor, they have excellent airflow and offer access to vacuum under the bed, as well as the option of under-bed storage.

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TV beds

What is a TV bed?

If you want to treat yourself to ultimate luxury, TV beds bring the small screen straight to your bed, with space to mount a TV directly inside the footboard. With a click of a button, you can raise a TV up from the foot of your bed and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows - and when you’re all done, it glides discreetly back into the footboard, giving your bedroom a clean look.

Some TV beds are fully adjustable, meaning you can raise or lower the top and bottom of the mattress to find the perfect position for you - while others are available with storage, including two drawer, four drawer, and side ottoman options.

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TV beds


Some of the most popular children’s beds - particularly for shared bedrooms - bunk beds pack in two comfy beds while maximising floor space. These secure frames mount one mattress directly over the other, with a ladder to access, giving each child their own private space.

Bunk beds not quite right for your child? High sleeper beds and mid sleeper beds still help to maximise floor space - or opt for a classic single bed, which are also available with drawer or ottoman storage.

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sofa beds

What is a sofa bed?

Providing the best of both worlds for multi-functional rooms, sofa beds offer sink-in comfort during the day and snoozing satisfaction throughout the night. Whenever you have a friend or relative over to stay, simply remove the cushions from the sofa and pull out the bed frame.

The real trick is matching a DFS sofa bed to your room. Browse our collections of leather sofa beds, fabric sofa beds, and corner sofa beds to find the perfect hybrid sleeping solution.

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What are the different types of bed bases?

There are three main types of bed base types that affect how the mattress will sit - sprung slat, solid slat, and divan bed bases. All are suitable for most types of mattresses, but there are differences in cost, style, and how they feel to sleep on.

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Divan bed bases

A sturdy box frame base, divan bed bases are popular for their storage capabilities, adding a couple more drawers to your bedroom. Thanks to their sturdy design, divan bed bases provide an equal level of support, wherever you lie on the mattress. This typically results in a firmer feel than other types of bed bases, which might not be suited to everyone’s preference.

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Rigid slat bases

Sometimes referred to as a solid slat base, rigid slat bases are designed to distribute the pressure of your body while sleeping. Not only can this help with any potential back problems, but it also absorbs movements effectively. This makes rigid slat bases the perfect choice for people with particularly fidgety sleeping partners.

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Flexible slat bases

Beds with a flexible slat base can contour to both you and your partner’s individual sleeping positions. That’s because each side of the bed features independent systems of flexible slats that yield to the weight and distribution of your body. This creates bespoke bed comfort that’s a great choice for couples with very different sleep support needs.

Bed buying guide with calabasas bed

Bed storage

Whether your bedroom is stuck for space or you’d just like somewhere to stash spare bed linen, buying a bed with built-in storage is a practical choice that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Maybe you’d like a couple of drawers close to hand with a divan bed. Or perhaps you’d prefer the increased capacity of an ottoman bed, lifting the mattress up to access your bedroom cache. We also offer a range of mid and high-sleeper beds, which are single beds with an assortment of shelves, drawers, and cupboards built in underneath. Perfect for your little one’s toys, books, and clothes!

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Headboards at DFS

Seeking a big style impact, on a smaller budget? A new headboard can make a big difference to your space without needing to replace your bed. Opt for a standard headboard for an easy style update, or consider clever headboard panels - which can be hung vertically, horizontally and in groups to create a look that’s unique to your space.

Helping you find your sleep thing

Whether it’s finding the perfect sized bed for your space, selecting a mattress to improve your sleep, or squeezing in hidden storage - we’re all about helping you create your perfect bedroom

What bed brands do DFS offer?

Whether you want to boost your eco-credentials with a Grand Designs bed or you prefer the chic comfort of French Connection, you can make a truly unique addition to your bedroom when you buy a bed with DFS.

Silentnight beds
Joules beds
Grand Designs beds
Dwell beds
French Connection beds
Stompa beds
Boxit beds
Koble beds

Perfect your bedroom’s look

Whether you’re looking for matching bedroom furniture or want to add a new piece to your collection, our range of bedroom furniture can suit all your needs.

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