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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or just want to upgrade your current bedroom setup, browsing the different types and finding the perfect bed can feel like quite a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

You need to consider comfort, as well as think about what styles and additional functional features you’d like to include. There are many different types of beds to choose from, each suited to different décors, lifestyles, and sleeping preferences.

That’s why we have pulled together this helpful guide for buying a bed, breaking down the differences between divan beds, ottoman beds, and everything in between.

Let’s jump right into our expert bed guide, below.

What do you need in a new bed?

From wanting to refresh on your bedroom’s décor to moving home, there are many reasons why you might want to bring a new bed into your life.

Maybe your family is getting bigger and you’d like to give your older kids more sleeping space with a double bed? Or perhaps you’re moving into a bigger home and eyeing a luxurious king-size bed to match your brand-new bedroom?

A new bed could also hold the key to a better night’s sleep. A sagging mattress or broken bed frame can be detrimental to your sleep pattern, preventing you from getting comfortable come bedtime. A broken bed can also aggravate or create joint or back pain, prolonging its impact on your day-to-day.

Regardless of the reason you’re buying a bed, you can find the perfect choice in the DFS collection.

Divan beds

Divan beds

Great for tidying away spare sheets and pillows, divan beds combine comfort with the option of convenient storage.

The bed base is made from wood and then upholstered in fabric, resulting in a clean, classic look that’s perfect for more traditional spaces. Choose between non-store, 2 drawer, or 4 drawer divan beds, depending on how much extra bedroom storage space you’re looking for.

A 4 drawer continental divan bed, for example, features two regular drawers near the foot of the bed and two smaller drawers near the head. This means you can access the regular drawers without needing to shift any bedside tables out of the way.

Storage & ottoman beds

Storage & ottoman beds

Another type of bed that can be used for storage, ottoman beds provide the perfect balance between style and function.

Simply lift the bed base up by hand, from either the side or the foot of the bed, to reveal the spacious storage capacity, hidden away under the mattress. Some ottoman beds also feature gas-powered pistons to make lifting, lowering, and keeping the bed up easier while you use it for storage!

If you like to dress your bed during the day with a cavalcade of cushions or layers of throw blankets, then ottoman beds allow you to neatly tidy away your accessories before you crawl under the covers.

TV beds

TV beds

For those who love nothing more than binging box sets in bed, TV beds bring the small screen straight to you in ultimate comfort. With a click of a button, you can raise a smart TV up from the foot of your bed and enjoy the broadcasting benefits within the comfort of your quilt.

What’s more, some of our TV beds are fully adjustable, meaning you can raise or lower the mattress to find the perfect position for your favourite series. You can also find TV beds with storage in our collection, including 2 drawer, 4 drawer, and side ottoman options.

Kids beds

Children’s beds

Whether your children have been badgering you for bunk beds or it’s time for your little one to upgrade to their own single bed, there are many types of kids beds to browse at DFS.

Make bedtime fun again for your little ones with something extra special from our collections of high sleeper beds, mid sleeper beds, and even gamer beds.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds

Providing the best of both worlds for multi-functional rooms, sofa beds offer sink-in comfort during the day and snoozing satisfaction throughout the night. Whenever you have a friend or relative over to stay, simply remove the cushions from the couch and pull out the bed frame.

The real trick is matching a DFS sofa bed to your living room. Browse our collections of leather sofa beds, fabric sofa beds, and corner sofa beds to find the perfect hybrid sleeping solution.

What size bed do I need?

Once you’ve decided the type of bed you’d like to bring home, you next need to think about the size. How much mattress space would you like? What bed sizes can fit in your bedroom?

Find the answers to these questions, below.

Whether you need a nifty storage bed base or want a high sleeper/desk combo, single beds provide compact comfort for a good night’s sleep. These more diminutive dimensions are perfect for your little one’s first ‘big bed’ or for smaller guest rooms.

  • Standard dimensions: 190cm x 90cm (6ft 3” x 3ft)
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Not quite a single, not quite a full-sized double, small double beds are tailor-made for box-sized bedrooms or modest guest rooms. You can enjoy the extra stretch-out space at night while leaving enough room for the rest of the furniture in your bedroom to shine.

  • Standard dimensions: 190cm x 120cm (6ft 3” x 4ft)
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Shop small double beds

Boasting more stretch-out space at affordable prices, double beds are the go-to option for couples and spread-eagled solo sleepers alike. You will be able to find a double to suit your needs across the majority of our different bed types, including divan, ottoman, TV, and sofa beds.

  • Standard dimensions: 190cm x 135cm (6ft 3” x 4ft 6”)
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Both longer and wider than standard doubles, king beds are the perfect choice for couples looking to upgrade their bedroom, or who are territorial about their sleeping space. No longer will you be edged off the mattress in the middle of the night, there’s plenty of room for both of you on a king size bed.

  • Standard dimensions: 200cm x 150cm (6ft 6” x 5ft)
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Shop king size beds

If you’re looking for the ultimate space to stretch out, give yourself the royal treatment by choosing a super king size bed. You, your partner, kids, pets; there’s room for everyone under the enveloping blankets of a super-king.

  • Standard dimensions: 200cm x 180cm (6ft 6” x 6ft)
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What style of bed do I need?

With the type of bed and size sorted, you need to start thinking about how your new bed will fit in with your bedroom’s décor. From rustic wooden frames to soft fabric beds, you can find the right style for your established aesthetic in the DFS collection.

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Divan bed bases

A sturdy box frame base, divan bed bases are popular for their storage capabilities, adding a couple more drawers to your bedroom. Thanks to their sturdy design, divan bed bases provide an equal level of support, wherever you lie on the mattress. This typically results in a firmer feel than other types of bed bases, which might not be suited to everyone’s preference.

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Rigid slat bases

Sometimes referred to as a solid slat base, rigid slat bases are designed to distribute the pressure of your body while sleeping. Not only can this help with any potential back problems, but it also absorbs movements effectively. This makes rigid slat bases the perfect choice for people with particularly fidgety sleeping partners.

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Flexible slat bases

Beds with a flexible slat base can contour to both you and your partner’s individual sleeping positions. That’s because each side of the bed features independent systems of flexible slats that yield to the weight and distribution of your body. This creates bespoke bed comfort that’s a great choice for couples with very different sleep support needs.

Helping you find your sleep thing

Whether it’s finding the perfect sized bed for your space, selecting a mattress to improve your sleep, or squeezing in hidden storage - we’re all about helping you create your perfect bedroom

Bed storage

Whether your bedroom is stuck for space or you’d just like somewhere to stash spare bed linen, buying a bed with built-in storage is a practical choice that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Maybe you’d like a couple of drawers close to hand with a divan bed. Or perhaps you’d prefer the increased capacity of an ottoman bed, lifting the mattress up to access your bedroom cache. We also offer a range of mid and high-sleeper beds, which are single beds with an assortment of shelves, drawers, and cupboards built in underneath. Perfect for your little one’s toys, books, and clothes!

What bed brands do DFS offer?

Whether you want to boost your eco-credentials with a Grand Designs bed or you prefer the chic comfort of French Connection, you can make a truly unique addition to your bedroom when you buy a bed with DFS.

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What mattress do I need?

While some beds include a matching mattress in one convenient package, you will typically need to purchase a separate mattress to pair with your chosen bed.

And just like when you buy a bed, you’ll need to find the type of mattress that best suits your sleeping requirements. For example, soft mattresses can comfortably accommodate all sleeping positions, while firm mattresses are specifically designed to help with joint or back pain.

If you want more details on finding the perfect mattress, check out our mattress buying guide.

Perfect your bedroom’s look

Whether you’re looking for matching bedroom furniture or want to add a new piece to your collection, our range of bedroom furniture can suit all your needs.

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