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We’re pleased to announce that this year DFS has been recognised by the National Bed Federation as a Retail Champion!

The National Bed Federation (or the NBF) sets the standards for ethics, transparency, and responsibility in the bed industry. They’re a bit like the Red Tractor symbol on your eggs, or the Fair Trade logo on your favourite chocolate, but for UK beds and mattresses.


DFS recognised as finalists for the National Bed Federation Retailer of the Year Award 2023

From supporting our customers to find their perfect beds and mattresses, to collaborating with our suppliers to create products that provide great value for everyone's budget - we're really proud of our contributions to the UK's bed and mattress industry. We're chuffed to hear the National Bed Federation have recognised the hard work we put in, by shortlisting DFS as finalists for their Retailer of the Year Award 2023!

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A seal of approval is your assurance, as a customer, that we at DFS meet the highest possible standards for many of the beds we sell and the vast majority of our beds are made by NBF members. As a recognised trade association that has been around for more than a century, it is every bed retailer’s mission to get recognition from this bunch – which is why we’re so chuffed we’ve been awarded it in 2022! Want to learn more about the NBF? Read on to find out about the fantastic work they do towards creating a better bed industry for everyone in the UK.

Our NBF approved brands

We’re proud to stock a selection of NBF approved brands, representing the very best that the British bed and mattress industry has to offer. From luxury and orthopaedic approved mattresses, to affordable kids mattresses that support their growth - when you shop with an NBF approved bed or mattress brand, you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

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Who are the National Bed Federation?

The National Bed Federation are the pinnacle of UK bed manufacturing and supplying excellence. Their objectives focus on maintaining high standards in every area of the bed manufacturing industry, including ethical operations for buying and selling, rigorous auditing around manufacturing and trading, and sustainable practices that benefit the planet.

These are just some of the fantastic features of the NBF. As for their overarching aim, that’s simple: uphold best practices that always meet British and European legislation and, most importantly, maintain a bed industry that always does right by its customers.

For them, the gold standard is the only standard, meaning businesses that are recognised by this association truly are the best of the best in UK bed manufacturing. You can find more information about what the NBF do for the bed industry below:

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What does this recognition mean for DFS?

By becoming newly recognised by the NBF, we at DFS have the certification that proves our commitment to bed excellence.

After all, it’s all well and good us saying we’re fantastic at what we do, but with this external recognition, you can be sure we always meet the high manufacturing and trading standards that you, our amazing customers, expect. So what does this mean for you and for our business? Let’s take a look at the NBF’s vision statement, below.

What this means for you – You can be sure our bed suppliers are always rigorously verified according to British and European best practices.

What this means for you - We receive a first-class portfolio of bed industry-specific information, advice, and services. This means we are always up-to-date on best practices and that we are always doing the right thing.

What this means for you – Our work with the NBF puts us in a primary position to network with others in the bed industry, meaning our customers always receive the most ethical and educational offering of good bed practices.

What this means for you – We ensure all our customers receive not only top-tier products but also the very best information on better sleep practices.

What this means for you – Our recognition proves we are committed to maintaining sustainable practices that benefit our customers, our trading partners, and the planet through considered manufacturing and trading principles.

What can you expect in the future?

Now we have been recognised by the National Bed Federation for our ethical and professional approach to bed retailing, the next step is the fun part: working with them to improve the UK bed industry. This means we will remain committed to providing customers with the highest quality beds and mattresses, while working with the UK’s best bed suppliers who meet the criteria set by the NBF. As for the future, our customers can expect even greater services and up-to-date advice, along with exemplary products as standard. That’s our thing.

Now we’ve put a certified spring in your step, why not pop on over to see our complete collection of National Bed Federation-approved beds and mattresses? Or, if you need help and advice with beds, sleeping, and more, visit our inspiration page or our comprehensive buying guides for all the information you need. Happy sleeping!

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