Jay-be are one of the UK’s most popular bed brands, embracing
the latest sleep technologies whilst designing new sleep products to
set higher industry benchmarks of comfort and quality for excellent value.

Jay-be COREKIDS mattresses are great to sleep on and kinder to the environment. Designed with sustainability in mind to help protect the future of our planet.

Infrared is a natural energy that your body produces and loses. These mattresses feature a unique comfort layer, which is infused with bamboo charcoal to help naturally reflect some of this lost infrared energy back into the body.

  • Encourages improved blood flow

  • Improves tempurature regulation

  • Promotes increased cellular activity

  • 100% Natural energy

  • Helps increase metabolism

CoreKids™ E1

e-Pocket 750

The E1 mattress harnesses the comfort of a deep e-Pocket sprung core

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CoreKids™ E2

Memory e-Pocket 750

Offers the extra pressure relieving benefits of Memory e-Fibre

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CoreKids™ E3

Micro e-Pocket 1600

Micro e-Pocket springs are extra fine and move independently

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Passionate about setting benchmarks that raise the industry standard, our new mattress range offers exceptional comfort while helping to protect the future of our planet… Benchmark is the start of a new generation of eco-friendly mattresses.

  • Value

    Exceptional value
    for money

  • Comfort

    Design and manufacture comfortable mattresses

  • Sustainability

    Use eco-friendly sustainable materials
    and processes

  • Innovation

    Investing in the latest material and production technologies

S1 Comfort

Essential Support

Featuring a deep e-Spring core topped with a supportive cushioning layer

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S3 Memory

Responsive Support

Combining the deep e-Spring core with supportive comfort layers

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S5 Hybrid

Adaptive Support

For extra adaptable support throughout the night

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S7 Tri-brid

Ultimate Support

For the ultimate night’s sleep

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