A fifth generation family business with a hand in the full mattress story, from farm to factory

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Harrison Spinks combine luxury mattress technology with responsibly sourced natural materials to create 100% recyclable mattresses that offer the ultimate night’s sleep. From 100% traceable British wool and home-grown hemp and flax, to their award-winning glueless pocket spring system, every Harrison Spinks mattress has been designed and created with the perfect blend of traditional techniques and modern technology. There’s no need to compromise between the ethics of a sustainable, natural mattress and the comfort of a luxury mattress - with Harrison Spinks, you can have both.

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Harrison Spinks 100% recyclable mattresses

100% recyclable mattresses

Harrison Spinks are committed to being the UK’s most sustainable mattress and bed maker. Their glue-free design and construction means every mattress is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. The first to introduce this technology to the UK, their recyclable mattresses are made using microspring technology, a sustainable alternative to the non-recyclable foam used in most mattresses. This award-winning glueless pocket spring system, manufactured by Harrison Spinks at their factory in Yorkshire, offers support like no other - with each precision-engineered spring sonic welded into its own pocket to create an eco mattress that offers targeted support, exactly where you need it.

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Harrison Spinks Handcrafted Mattresses

You deserve a handcrafted, luxury mattress

As a fifth-generation family run company, quality is at the heart of everything Harrison Spinks do. Their luxury mattresses are handcrafted using both time-honoured techniques and innovative technology, representing the best in British manufacturing. Highly skilled craftsmen and women use traditional bed making techniques - like hand side stitching - to set you up for a quality night’s sleep. Harrison Spinks are also the only UK bedmaker to weave their natural luxury mattress fabrics onsite, saving transport miles and giving full control of the quality; as well as preserving the area’s rich history of weaving traditions with the help of 21st technology.

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Harrison Spinks Natural Mattress Materials

The finest natural mattress materials

Harrison Spinks work to grow, produce and source the finest homegrown natural mattress materials, each one helping to achieve the optimum body temperature and comfort. Because they use naturally fire-retardant wool and other natural fibres, they don’t need to add FR chemicals to where you sleep. Super absorbent hemp and flax fibres keep you cool and dry, for an absorbent and breathable natural mattress filling. For the ultimate luxury mattress, Harrison Spinks use only 100% traceable British wool - offering a fair price for the farmers, and great breathability, insulation and moisture-wicking for you - giving you peace of mind when purchasing your responsibly sourced, sustainable eco mattress.

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Harrison Spinks Wool Mattresses

Home grown, natural wool mattresses

All Harrison Spinks mattresses start life on their 300-acre Yorkshire farm, where they produce and grow wool, hemp and flax - which all work together to create the perfect natural mattress. A wool top mattress offers great natural breathability, insulation and moisture-wicking properties all year round. In hot weather, sweat and heat are wicked through the wool fibres, while in winter the layers trap warm air in and help keep you warm, creating an eco mattress that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

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Joules x Harrison Spinks Mattresses

Joules have teamed up with Harrison Spinks to create an exclusive range of mattresses. Handmade in Yorkshire from homegrown British hemp, linen and wool, featuring an advanced system of pocket springs for long-lasting support, and comes with a 5 year guarantee, making them ideal to give you the best night’s sleep ever.

Award winning luxury mattress brand

Do Harrison Spinks make the best eco-friendly mattresses in the UK? A slew of prestigious awards and international recognition certainly backs that up. As well as being named as the prestigious National Bed Federation Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2023, they’ve received 7 King’s and Queen’s Awards for Enterprise since 2013, and currently hold 3 awards for innovation, international trade and sustainable development. They have also been recognised through global Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified® for strong commitment to the circular economy - including the reduction of waste, more efficient use of resources, reuse of materials, energy efficiency and social responsibility. As well as achieving bronze Cradle to Cradle Certification® for all their pocket sprung mattresses, they have been awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification® in the renewable energy & carbon management category.

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Harrison Spinks strive to make their products and processes more sustainable, through a permanent reduction and improvement process to continually reduce their impact on the environment - so if you’re looking for a high quality, eco-friendly luxury mattress that’s made in the UK, you’re in the right place.

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