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With so many different bed and mattress sizes available, it can be a little tricky to determine which one’s just right for you.

For example, did you know there is both a small double and standard double bed size in the UK? Maybe you don’t know the difference between a king and a super king? Or perhaps you’re unsure which size is the best fit for a kids’ bed? Well, we’re here to explain all you need to know about bed and mattress dimensions.

From figuring out the size of a small double bed to comparing super king size bed dimensions, our bed and mattress size guide will help you understand the exact measurements you need, ensuring your choice will fit perfectly in your home.

UK bed and mattress sizes

When it comes to the standard bed and mattress sizes in the UK, the main dimension differences are in width and length.

Single, small double, and double beds are the same length, and vary solely on width. On the other hand, king size and super king size beds are both longer and wider, providing comfort for taller sleepers and those who love to spread right out at night.

We’ve created an easy-to-understand table, below, that breaks down standard UK mattress sizes:

Mattress SizeInchesCentimetres
Single Mattress Dimensions3ft x 6ft 3”90cm x 190cm
Small Double Mattress Dimensions4ft x 6ft 3”120cm x 190cm
Double Mattress Dimensions4ft 6” x 6ft 3”135cm x 190cm
King Size Mattress Dimensions5ft x 6ft 6”150cm x 200cm
Super King Mattress Dimensions6ft x 6ft 6”180cm x 200cm
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What bed size do I need?

When you’re thinking about the bed dimensions you need, the biggest factor is the size of the bedroom itself and the amount of available space in your home.

For example, a small studio apartment would be best suited with a small double or double sized bed, as opposed to a large king sized bed, as the latter would likely take up too much space.

There are also style and function considerations that can impact the overall square footage of your bedroom. For example, an ottoman bed might have slightly bigger dimensions, but it also provides storage options, removing the need for an extra set of drawers in your room, and saving space overall.

Our expert bed buying guide breaks down more questions you may have about which type of bed you need. For now, though, we’ve investigated what can affect your choice when choosing the perfect bed size for a range of situations.

Kids beds

Kids’ beds

As you might expect, kids’ beds are smaller than a standard single, perfect for your little ones. In particular, our high sleepers and bunk beds make bedtime an exciting routine for younger children, whilst also saving on floorspace.

There are also triple sleeper bunk beds, which are perfect for sleepovers with friends and siblings who do everything together. Within our collection, we have Teo and Dual bunk beds, the latter of which offers built-in storage, too.

Take a look at our kids beds collection to see which type of bed might be best for your little one.

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Single beds

Single beds

With the smallest dimensions for a full-size bed, single beds are great choices for a variety of single sleepers. This includes children graduating from a kids’ bed, young teenagers, and adults sleeping on their own.

Their concise size also makes them a good fit for smaller spaces, such as box bedrooms, guest rooms, and studio apartments.

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small double beds

Small double beds

The best of both worlds, small double beds are a little smaller than double beds, and a little larger than single beds. This makes them the ideal choice for growing kids, such as teenagers, or even as a first bed for someone’s first independent living space, such as university students. They’re also great for guest rooms that often host single sleepers.

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double beds

Double beds

Double beds are the most popular sleeping option, thanks to being such a diverse and adaptable choice of bed. Their size accommodates single sleepers well, especially those who love plenty of space to themselves. Naturally, they’re also great for couples and are advised as the smallest size of bed a couple should consider.

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king size beds

King size beds

Offering more length and width than doubles, king size beds are ideal for taller or larger sleepers. They’re a great choice for those who love to stretch out while sleeping, as well as couples who enjoy a bit of extra space to themselves.

However, with the larger dimensions comes the need for a larger bedroom. Any rooms that require one sleeping side of the bed to be pushed against the wall would likely be too small for a king size bed.

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super king size beds

Super king size beds

One of the most indulgent options for beds in the UK, super king size beds are for sleepers who love to treat themselves to a wealth of stretch-out space. These beds should only be considered for rooms that have the space to accommodate them. This means you should still be able to comfortably walk around the sides and foot of the bed once it is installed.

Never mind just couples - the entire family can get comfortable under the duvet of a super king size bed.

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What size mattress do I need?

Luckily, finding a mattress size to work with your bed is pretty easy -simply match the mattress to its identically named bed counterpart. For example, you need a king size mattress for a king size bed. Individual mattresses will adhere to standard mattress dimensions for length and width but not for height. For instance, a double mattress measures at 130cm x 195cm (or 4ft 6” x 6ft 3”) for width and length, but the height can vary based on its design. While height doesn’t affect how the mattress fits into your bed frame, a tall mattress can impact the look of your chosen bed. For example, some people may dislike a mattress peering over a low footboard.

Will my bed fit?

There are a few essential points to consider when thinking about whether your bed will fit into your bedroom. Most of the time, you’ll need to measure your bedroom and compare the dimensions to your bed of choice, to see if there will be any issues.

Continue reading, below, for a short checklist that will help determine whether your new bed will fit in your bedroom.

First things first, before you go ahead and set up your new bed, you need to ensure that the frame won’t prevent you accessing the bedroom.

For example, will you be able to open and close the door both in and outside the bedroom? Will your big bed prevent you from easily accessing the windows? Are all built-in cupboards, drawers and shelves still within reach, without moving furniture? These are important questions that could save you a headache down the line.

Naturally, the bed needs to physically fit in the room, so you should measure your room and see if your potential new bed is the right size for the room. To determine this, you should remember that it’s advised you have enough room to comfortably walk around the bed without having to twist, bend, or go over the bed itself.

To comfortably move around the bed, ensure you have a clearance space of at least 90cm (or 3ft) from either side of the bed to the closest wall.

Naturally, you can push a bed against a wall if the room’s a little snug. However, we’d only recommend doing so if there’s only one person who’ll be sleeping in the bed.

The headboard’s height is also worth considering. Measure it from the base of the bed to the top of the headboard to see how far up your wall it will get. You’ll want to ensure it doesn’t impact anything on the wall, such as any hanging pictures, and you’ll certainly want to ensure it doesn’t block any windows.

Lastly, while this isn’t essential, you should ensure you have easy access to any plug sockets while in bed. After all, many people will want a way to charge their phones when in bed or have a plug nearby for their bedside lamps.

Check if you can place the bed frame against a wall without covering any plug sockets. Ideally, you’d want to position the bed so there are easy-to-access plug sockets on either side.

Why should I buy a bigger bed/mattress?

Other than simply giving more space to stretch out, there are distinct advantages to upgrading.

Maybe you’re looking to bump up your growing child’s single bed mattress to a small double mattress? Or perhaps you’re thinking of treating yourself to the spread-out space of a luxurious super king size bed?

Here are our top reasons why you should buy a bigger bed and mattress…

Changing mattresses

1. Changing mattresses can be more comfortable

The number one reason for upgrading your bed set-up is that they usually offer you even more comfort. A brand-new mattress, one that you’ve hand-picked for its firmness, filling, and even special features, is bound to be a much more comfortable option than an old, worn-out mattress.

They can also serve as the perfect solution to your sleeping problems, especially if you’re looking for the likes of a memory foam mattress to handle back pain. Just like finding a two for one reason for upgrading a bed size, going for a bigger mattress size can be the ideal excuse to find your perfect mattress.

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more room

2. More room for couples

Even the closest couples need their own sleeping space from time to time – and a bigger bed helps facilitate that comfortable night’s sleep for both parties.

This is especially true when considering the average person tosses and turns approximately 60 times on average every night! Couples may wish to reduce unwanted disturbances in the night with a pocket sprung mattress, which isolates movement from one side of the bed to the other.

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growing kids

3. Growing kids need bigger beds

As they get older, your little ones will inevitably get too big for their kids’ sized bed, so you’ll need to provide them with appropriate sleeping spaces. This includes graduating from a bunk bed or child’s bed to a full-sized single bed. Sooner or later, your kids will want their own, bigger bed to match their growing frames!

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bring more

4. Bring more to your bedroom

While a bigger bed takes up more square footage, it can also bring more to your bedroom than just a fine night’s sleep.

For example, there are beds that offer more storage space, such as lift-up ottoman style beds and divan beds with drawers built into the frame. These type of beds provide an opportunity to remove any bulky wardrobes or drawers from your bedroom - or just provide handy extra storage for spare linens and bedding.

There are even bed frames that are designed with enticing special features, such as built-in shelves, USB charging, and even TV beds, which have special footboards that host hidden flatscreen TVs. Perfect for weekend boxset binges!

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Now you have a better idea of the sizes that’ll work for you, browse through our extensive selection of beds and mattresses to find the perfect fit for your bedroom. Alternatively, if you’re still not entirely sure what you’re searching for, read our expert bed buying guide and mattress buying guide.

Perfect your bedroom’s look

Whether you’re looking for matching bedroom furniture or want to add a new piece to your collection, our range of bedroom furniture can suit all your needs.

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