dfs career journey

Here at DFS, we're dedicated to making your recruitment experience exceptional. We believe that finding your dream job should be an exciting journey, not a daunting task, and that’s why we’re offering a transparent look behind the scenes to guide you through your journey. With our skilled Talent Team by your side, you're in for a recruitment process that's smooth, fair, and truly memorable. Let's get you well-prepared for this adventure!

STEP 1 - The application - Your introduction to DFS

When you send in your application to DFS, we want you to know it's in safe hands. You'll receive an email confirming your application, marking the beginning of our exciting journey together.

STEP 2 - Getting to know you - The conversation begins

One of our dedicated Talent Team recruiters will reach out to you - this is your chance to shine! We'll dig deeper into your experiences, your motivation for joining the dfs family, and any questions you might have. There's no such thing as a silly question; we see it as a sign of your genuine interest.

STEP 3 - The interview - Let’s get to know each other better

If both sides are excited about the possibilities, we'll set up an interview at a time that suits you. You'll receive an email detailing the interview date, time, what you should bring, and what to expect. We're keen to make your interview as comfortable as possible, so you can bring your best self along on the day.

dfs interview tips

• Need any special arrangements for the interview? Just give us a heads-up beforehand

• Get ready for a friendly, relaxed chat, usually around an hour or so

• Be yourself – we’re looking for the real you!

• We'll start things off by getting to know you better, diving into your CV, and giving you a glimpse into our world

• Get ready for some scenario questions that touch on key skills and customer experience

• Feel free to ask any questions – you can also check out the helpful articles on our dfs Careers site to learn more about us

STEP 4 - Your dedicated support - We’re here for you

Your dedicated recruiter will guide you through your journey. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch. Remember, we're your biggest cheerleaders, and your success is our success.

Tell me more

We’ve pulled together a bunch of useful questions that we think might be helpful for you.

Just give us a heads-up when you talk to our Talent Team and we’ll look to support any adjustments you may need.

First of all, please give your Junk/Spam mailbox a quick check, sometimes these emails end up in there. Also, if you log into the account that you created when you first applied for the role, you will be able to view the time, date and location of the interview. Alternatively, you can always speak to your recruiter, who can resend or reconfirm for you.

If you need to reschedule your interview, please email our Talent Team at talent@dfs.co.uk and they will be in touch to make arrangements.

We're always on the hunt for talented, passionate people like you, to join us. If you don't see a job that's a perfect fit right now, no worries! Just hit that "Register your interest" button and stay in the loop for what's coming up next.

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We’re passionate about bringing in the best talent and we’re very proud to invest in the development of all our colleagues. We welcome students for early career work experience supporting their transition from school to work, and have recruited over 40 young apprentices.

Our apprenticeship schemes support young participants to achieve formal qualifications in their chosen field, but also underpins further professional development for existing colleagues through Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships. Over 80 colleagues are currently progressing through these learning programmes.

Interested in making yourself at dfs through an apprenticeship? Keep an eye on our website, to see if an apprenticeship opportunity is available for you.

Check out our dfs Corporate site to find out more - Click here to have a read.

It’s our firm view that diverse teams working within inclusive environments are more engaged, innovative and deliver better outcomes for our customers. We also believe that all our colleagues should feel valued and be treated equally and fairly.

Discover more with an insightful interview click here with Jo Shawcroft, our Chief People Officer, as she discusses all things related to inclusion.

Here's our Board Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Charity has always been deeply woven into our culture. Click here to find out more about how we give back to our communities.

We support this with our Group Communities & Charitable Giving Policy.

As leaders within our sector, we’re committed to ensuring this business acts responsibly and sustainably, ensuring a better future for Our People, Our Planet, Our Community and most importantly Our Customers.

We’re passionate about our sustainability commitments - read about them here.

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to reach out to us via email at talent@dfs.co.uk

Make yourself

Does DFS sound like the kind of place you’d want to be a part of? We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to join us. Click below to check out our current vacancies.

Our people are self-starters. We give them room to grow in a company that’s going places, while our family spirit means we champion and support each other - your team is always here to lend a hand.

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