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We pulled up one of our cosy chairs (luckily we had a lot to choose from) and grabbed a cup of tea with Jo Shawcroft, our Chief People Officer, to get the inside scoop on why inclusion is important at DFS and our collective mission to make everyone feel welcome.

Hi Jo, first of all thank you for joining us to talk about all things Inclusion.

Of course, it’s such an important topic not only to me personally, but also our Group. We’re working hard to create a culture where everyone is welcome and colleagues can celebrate their differences and learn from each other’s lived experience.

Inclusion has been a real focus for us for the past few years, and we’ve worked with people across the Group to define what it means to us as a business. But we recognise the need to work alongside great partners to give us the insights and challenge we need to keep improving, which is why we work with organisations like Inclusive Employers. In fact, I’m proud to say that we received Bronze status in 2023 in the Inclusive Employers Standard accreditation, which is testament to the work we’ve done so far in this space.

It has to be the feeling of family we have here at DFS Group. We truly value what matters to our people. We’re a family of individuals who care about each other and our customers.

Yes, our Inclusion Council is made up of colleagues from across our Group and act as advisors, allies and educators - influencing our inclusion plans and supporting our activities. They’ve been with us from the very start of our journey and are the most important part of our inclusion programme.

We’ve been working hard to empower our colleagues to share what’s important to them and champion these topics across the business. As always, we’re not looking to sit still and it will always be a work in progress. So far we have the following established colleague networks:

  • LGBTQ+ & Allies - A place for our LGBTQ+ community and allies to educate and inspire each other, engage with like-minded people and build relationships. This is a safe space for open discussion and authenticity.
  • Disability Inclusion Network - The Disability Inclusion Network is a newly formed group of colleagues who really care about making sure that people with disabilities are included at work and taking action for positive change.
  • Black Heritage Network - Our Black Heritage Network is a thriving community celebrating Black culture and history, raising awareness around racial equality and encouraging better conversations.
  • 364 Women - A group of highly engaged people who care about gender equality, approaching the subject from a real action orientated direction. The name was inspired by International Women’s Day, because the group believe it’s an all year round conversation, and are flipping the narrative to block out that one day a year!
  • Sustainability Champions - Our Sustainability Champions are made up of people passionate about our planet, helping us all to make a difference inside and outside of work.

We’re always looking at ways to support our colleagues in their home life as well as their work life, and that’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Peppy Health to offer colleagues and their partners support across various aspects of their lives, with menopause, men’s health and most recently, Baby and Fertility services. We want our colleagues to know that whatever life stage they are at, we can support them in their home lives and in the workplace.

Wow, sounds brill! So Jo, what really makes DFS tick? We’d love to hear about the values that underpin everything we do!

Our values

Our values aren’t just words on a page at DFS, they’re the guiding principles that shape every decision we make and every interaction we have.

Think customer

Think customer

Thinking customer keeps us on our toes - it makes sure we’re changing with the times to reflect the needs and wants of the communities we serve. We’re furnishing the future and our customers sit at the heart of it.

Be real

Be real

At DFS we give each other the confidence to be real - we know that to be successful you need the support to be yourself and a space to belong.

Aim high

Aim high

We aim high. Going above and beyond for our customers and our colleagues. You can’t make a career or continue to be a market leader without a dash of ambition and the celebration of success.

Thanks for chatting with us, Jo. We’ve really enjoyed hearing about the amazing journey we’re on together! Let’s catch up again soon - maybe next time on a podcast (hint, hint)!

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