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Tech sofas at DFS

With technology creating clever solutions for every corner of our homes - from lighting and heating to appliances and home security - isn’t it about time our sofas got smarter too? Our range of tech sofas bring smart technology to the cosiest spot in the house, elevating your favourite seat with clever features that might surprise you.

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Welcome to the future of sofas…

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tech sofas wander
tech sofas java
tech sofas venosa fabric
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Which type of recliner sofa should I buy?

From manual to power - and even power plus - there are several options when it comes to choosing a recliner sofa. Watch our video to discover the differences between each type, and help you pick the recliner that's right for your home.

Powers recliners

Kick back and relax at the touch of a button with our smart recliner sofas - whether that’s just the footrest, the seat as a whole, or an independently powered headrest. Power recliners simply plug into a standard socket, or opt for a Power Plus recliner, which runs on a rechargeable battery pack, offering even more freedom to rearrange your space.

Heated seats

A cosy bum is no longer limited to sitting in the car - because we put the same technology in our smart sofas! As well as giving you that snug-as-a-bug feeling, these tech sofas could save you money on your heating bills too - as you are able to just heat the spot you’re sitting in, rather than the whole room.

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A smart sofa that’s just your thing

Looking for something specific? With such a wide range of styles and features across our tech sofas range, there’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re after.

Tech Sofas smart corner sofa

Smart corner sofa

The whole family can enjoy the benefits of a tech sofa with our array of smart corner sofas. Available in a slew of sizes and styles, and with a wide range of smart features to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect smart corner sofa for your home at DFS.

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Heated sofa

What could be more luxurious than a sofa with heated seats? Kick back on one of our heated recliner sofas, or opt for year-round luxury with a sumptuous heated leather sofa. Each heated seat is controlled independently, and they feature an automatic shutoff after 60 minutes - keeping you and your family safe.

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Tech Sofas with Wander Sofa

Smart sofa beds

If you need your new sofa to double up as a bed for overnight guests - then look no further than our range of smart sofa beds. Whether it’s simply a smart sofa bed with storage, or one with cupholders and wireless charging included - this choice will be a super versatile addition to your home.

Sofas with chargers

Always running out of battery? Opt for a sofa with integrated charging ports - some models include both USB and standard UK plug sockets - and make your sofa an easy access way to charge your device. We also stock a selection of sofas with wireless charging, which allows you to discreetly place your compatible device on the arm or console to charge it.

Tech Sofas sofa beds with storage

Sofas and sofa beds with storage

Beat the clutter with our selection of tech sofas with integrated storage. Sofa beds with storage are ideal for keeping extra pillows, duvets and bedding to hand for last-minute guests - and sofas with storage make keeping your living room tidy easier than ever.

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Smart recliner sofa

Our smart recliner sofas feature a choice of power options, as well as many additional features to choose from, including heated seats, cup holders, charging ports and more.

Sofas with bluetooth speakers

Get the surround sound effect by choosing a sofa with built in bluetooth speakers. Our smart sofas with speakers are ideal for gaming, watching movies, or simply playing your favourite music while you relax.

Explore tech sofas at DFS

Ready to join the future of sofas by adding one to your living room? Start exploring some of our most popular smart sofas below…

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