Tech Sofas

Tech Sofas

Expertly made, with the latest discrete technology options our smart tech sofas are packed full of features to make modern living easy and comes with our 15 year guarantee.

Not just clever they are luxurious too with foam and fibre seat cushions which give support with low maintenance, while still allowing a comfy cushioned seat. The layer of cosy soft fibres keep you comfy when snuggled up, with super resilient, low maintenance foam at the core to make sure your seats never lose their shape.

The Vinson

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Resilience fabric Wireless charging & Cooling cup holders Discrete storage Power recline and power head rest Bluetooth audio

The Java

Comes in 8 soft and stylish velvet colour choices Charging units in both arms Discreet wireless phone charger option also available in 3 seater, 2 seater, cuddler or armchair


A new range of luxury, modular corner sofas with hidden functions and technology

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