Betsy Colourful Sofa

Make your statement with a statement sofa

Crafted around four main design elements, statement sofas can really bring a room to life by allowing you to create a whole new look with just one key piece. Whether you want to make your statement with size, colour, shape or pattern, you can find just what you need in our statement sofas collection. With options for both traditional and modern tastes, there’s a style to suit everyone.

Napoleone Sofa
Madagascar Animal Print Sofa

Large statement sofas

Larger rooms demand big and dramatic sofas so they don’t get lost in the space around them. A statement sofa can become the focal point of the room if placed centrally and framed with an assortment of smaller furniture pieces - shop from our range of large statement sofas. Or, if you prefer your sofa to fit snugly against the walls - browse our collection of large corner sofas.

Statement sofas with shapes to shout about

Uniquely shaped sofas are guaranteed to make a statement in any room. With a range of options available, from sophisticated curved backs, traditional English scroll arms and button back detailing in our Oskar designs, to the refined vintage look of our Chaise lounge chairs and soft pink Betsy sofa. Or, if you want a more modern look then impress your guests with the crisp lines and angled arms of the Iconica Napoleone sofa design.

ashby statement sofa

Bold and brightly coloured sofas

It’s not just the placement or shape of a sofa that can make it the focal point of a room, but the use of bright and bold colours too. Brightly coloured sofas are best complimented with simple décor and neutral surroundings, but you can always play around with colour to find a combination that suits you. Accessorise your living room with complementary coloured scatter cushions and small ornaments to complete the look. You could even mix and match multiple sofas to create a sofa suite from a variety of fresh, striking colours.

Doll Patchwork Sofa
Shout Patchwork Sofa
Maie Bold & Bright Sofa

Patterned sofas, patchwork sofas and prints to impress

Jazz up a minimalistic room with some pattern play, from bold stripes and multi-coloured patchwork sofas, to blossoming florals and fierce animal prints. Browse our vibrant selection of multi-coloured sofas from Shout and pastel coloured Doll designs, or our range of luxurious plush faux velvet sofas from our Synergy, Etoile, and Pearl ranges.

Shout Left Hand Facing Patchwork Chaise Longue
Doll: Armchair

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