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Sofa cushions go through a lot; we sit, snuggle, eat, and even sleep on them! Throughout it all, they need to be comfortable and supportive. However, not all cushions are created equal. Whether you like a firm and supportive feel, or you enjoy sinking into a sofa that’s squishy and soft; we offer a range of sofa fillings, each suited to a different sitter.

So which one’s right for you? Read our sofa filling guide, below, to find out how to choose the best cushion filling for your sofa.

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Why are sofa fillings so important?

While you might fall head over heels for a specific style of sofa, and know exactly how it fits into your living room’s décor - it all counts for nothing if you can’t get comfortable on the cushions. The type of filling you choose for your sofa cushions makes a huge deal when it comes to the sink-in softness, level of support and even how much plumping you’ll need to do. Maybe you need the bounce-back practicality of a foam filling? Or perhaps you prefer that satisfying sink-in luxury of feather cushion filling? Everyone has different preferences, and you can only decide what’s best for you once you’ve researched all the sofa cushion filling options.

What type of sofa fillings are available?

There are so many more sofa cushion filling options than just ‘soft’ and ‘firm’. How do you choose what’s best for you? Check out our breakdown of the best filling for sofa cushions, below.

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Sofa Filing Guide Fibre Filling Lorenza

Fibre filling

For that sink-in comfort feeling, fibre cushion filling loves to envelope you in comfort at the end of a long day. The soft and relaxed feel just invites you to sit down, sink in and never get up off the sofa again - making it a great choice for those who love long boxset bingeing sessions.

To get the best of both worlds with your fibre sofa filling, think about upgrading to Fibre Encore, found as standard or as an upgrade in many of our ranges. With a springy foam core wrapped in a fluffy fibre quilt wrap, Fibre Encore gives you the support needed for sitting up with the added softness for chilling out, while keeping its shape beautifully over the years.

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Sofa Filing Guide Foam Filling Devine

Foam filling

Combining low maintenance with reliable comfort, sofa foam filling offers a firmer sit than many other types of cushions, with the filling bouncing back to its natural shape when not in use. This means it offers the same level of support every time you sit down, perfect for those with back or neck problems.

If this sounds like the best sofa cushion filling option for you, why not upgrade to a Foam Encore on your DFS purchase? This luxurious foam filling, made from a triple layer of foams with different densities, provides the satisfying softness of fibre, while still retaining the posture-supporting characteristics of foam.

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Sofa Filing Guide Contour Comfort Zinc

Contour comfort

If you really want to make the new cushions your own, opt for our contour comfort sofa filling. These clever dual layer memory foam cushions respond to the movement and position of your body the more you sit down, providing an unrivalled balance between sink-in comfort and back support. This cushion filling for your sofa is perfect for those who very much have their own spots that they like to own in the living room.

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Sofa Filing Guide Pocket Sprung Lambourn

Pocket sprung cushions

In addition to our contour comfort cushions, we also offer pocket sprung upgrades as part of our Grand Designs Lambourn range. Much like our pocket sprung mattresses, this sofa filling is a hybrid of recycled fibre and pocket springs, which means you get that contoured comfort as well as a firmer sit that adjusts to your sitting position. If you are a fidgety sitter, hate plumping cushions or like to regularly change up your seat, look no further than our pocket sprung cushions!

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Sofa Filling Guide Pros Cons Foam

Pros and cons of foam fillings

While foam filling is perhaps the most common sofa filling on the market, it’s not suitable for everyone. Many might love its firmer feel, whereas others might want a little more softness in their seat. To see whether foam filling suits your requirement, read the pros and cons, below:

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The firm support is great for those with back or neck pain

Foam filling retains its shape over years of use, meaning it’s less likely to sag

There’s minimal maintenance; the most you need to do is plump and turn the cushions once a week to keep them firm

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The firm feel might not be to everyone’s taste, especially if you prefer a softer sit

Foam filling can collect dust and other allergens, potentially aggravating allergies

Sofa Filling Guide Pros Cons Fibre

Pros and cons of fibre fillings

The satisfying sink-in softness of fibre filling is a godsend for those who love to spend a lazy weekend on the sofa, but others might feel uncomfortable with less back support. Read a brief breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of fibre sofa filling, below:

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The softness of this sofa filling keeps sitters in cosy comfort

Fibre cushion filling more easily contours to your body, offering everyone bespoke comfort

A more cost-effective option than feather cushion filling with a similar comfort level

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Fibre cushion fillings require regular plumping to keep their shape

This sofa filling does not offer the same posture support as foam filling


What is a FIRA Gold Certification?

When you see a FIRA Gold Certification, you know that you’re buying furniture of the highest quality, one that exceeds the industry standard for safety and durability.

With sofa fillings, a FIRA Gold Certification tells you that the filling has passed performance tests that measure comfort, long-term durability, and overall performance. It also indicates that you don’t need to constantly fuss and plump the cushions up every day to keep their shape. In short, think of this certification as a stamp of approval from the experts of the industry!

If you want to add FIRA Gold Certification sofa fillings to your home, make sure you check out our Encore range, including fibre and foam options.

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Sofa Filling Guide Fira Gold Foam Encore
Sofa Filling Guide Fira Gold Fibre Encore


The best of the best - the international quality mark recognised across the furniture industry, only awarded after rigorous assessment against all main British, European and American standards


Cradles you in ultimate comfort with a super-soft, weightless feel - and springs back into shape again and again


Unlike ordinary fibre and feather cushions, which need daily plumping to stay at their best, Encore is proven to be both durable and comfortable for years to come - without the faff!

Sofa fillings FAQs

If you want to find out more about the best filling for sofa seat cushions, take a look at the answers to some of the most common questions about sofa filling, below.

With pros and cons for each, the best filling for sofa seat cushions simply comes down to personal preference. If you like to sit with a straight back, keeping your posture protected while you relax, then you should opt for foam filling. The cushions are much firmer, and spring back into place when not in use. However, for those who like to really sink into their sofa, we’d recommend either fibre or feather cushion filling. Both of these options will mould to your sitting position, keeping you nice and cosy during your downtime. If you can’t decide between firm and soft, then consider upgrading to our Encore range of sofa filling, which strikes that perfect balance. There’s no need to decide without trying all the different types - pop into your local DFS store, where our friendly sofa experts will happily let you test out the different cushion filling options!

While the best filling for sofa seat cushions changes from person to person, it’s much more cut and dry when it comes to those suffering with back problems. 4 To provide lumbar support and protect your posture, you should go for the firmness of foam sofa filling. This type of cushion helps reduce pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back when sat down, while also helping to keep your spine aligned.

To ensure your sofa always looks inviting, you’ll need to regularly plump and fluff up the cushions. This means taking the time to redistribute the sofa filling evenly in the cushions, rubbing or patting out the impression of your dedicated spot on the sofa. You should also turn the sofa cushions at least once a week, which will help them keep their shape and reduce the risk of sagging further down the line.

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