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5 Modern Living Room Ideas

The living room is the showstopping centrepiece of your home – so it needs to reflect you and your style to a T! And, for those on the lookout for inspiring modern living room ideas, there are tons of ways to customise your lounge to your liking. To help you discover the best modern home décor choices, we’ve highlighted all the different ways you can create a fresh modern space.

Keep reading for our favourite modern décor ideas for the living room.

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1. Pick a pop of colour

The best place to start with any interior design task is by choosing your colour scheme, and there are modern décor options available to suit anyone’s taste.

For those who like to experiment with different shades, a modern living room is the perfect space to unleash your colour creativity. For example, you can pick up a pot of sage green paint for the walls, complemented with an off-white ceiling and skirting boards to brighten up the room.

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Bougie Blooms Trend Doodle Rug Moodboard

To colour block, simply pick two colours – burnt orange and dark blue, for example – and paint the upper half of the wall in the darker shade and the lower half in the lighter colour. If you have any alcoves or built-in shelves in your living room, you could paint your walls a pastel pink and the alcoves a sunset orange to fully realise your modern home décor dream!

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2. Add natural accents

Natural materials might seem more in line with a cosy cottagecore style, but did you know they are also perfect for modern interior design as well?

Think wooden laminate floors covered by a fluffy cream rug, or oak tables hosting luscious green plants. For the booklover, why not showcase the classics and all your favourite novels on an oak bookshelf? Natural, modern, and practical.

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Modern living room ideas lighting

Lighting is also the best natural accent possible, so throw open those blinds and curtains to let as much natural light in and bring your modern living room ideas to life. And then when the darker nights roll in, you can light candles or turn on your table lamps to add a softer, warmer touch to your modern home décor.

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3. Go big and bold

When it comes to maximalist modern lounge ideas, you don’t actually need to fill every inch of space available. In fact, our favourite contemporary interior designs take a more laid-back approach to maximalism.

For example, instead of tons of ornaments on every spare surface, draw the eye with some large statement modern art pieces. Choose pieces that speak to you, whether that be colourful graphic art, a printout of your favourite quote, or a photo from a special moment in your life. Frame it all and create a stunning feature wall in your contemporary living room!

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Don’t forget about the modern living room furniture, either. Your sofa is typically the centre of your living room, so it needs to be one that fits you, your family and friends, as well as your new modern décor.

If you’ve got the space, then a statement corner sofa is just the ticket for your modern living room furniture. Maybe you’re eyeing up a green velvet sofa for that modern splash of grandeur? Or perhaps you’d prefer a beige sherpa model for a bit more of a natural feel? Both options will complete your modern interior design perfectly!

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4. Comfort is the way forward

We’re sure it’ll be music to your ears to hear comfort is very much a part of contemporary interior design!

The perfect fix on a cold winter night and a stylish summer flourish for your sofa, blankets are ideal all year round. Throw a chunky knit blanket on the arm of your sofa to keep you warm and your living room looking on point. You can also add scatter cushions to your sofa to imbue your contemporary living room with interesting contrast, picking ones in different colours and patterns to your established décor.

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Modern Living Room Ideas With Salina Trolley

Comfort isn’t only about relaxing on the sofa; it’s about having items in your living room that work for you and your lifestyle. If you like to host, why not get a drinks trolley or mini bar shelf? They certainly offer the perfect excuse to toast your brand-new modern living room!

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5. Open up your space

Whether you’re running out of space for your beloved trinkets or want to create the illusion of a bigger room, there are plenty of ways to open up your contemporary living room!

For example, a storage unit is a great way to keep all your keepsakes safe, preventing them from cluttering your intended modern look by haphazardly laying on tables or surfaces. These smart storage solutions allow you to proudly display your mementos, as well as put your best books, photos, or small pieces of art on display.

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Or, if you have a lot of blankets, and want to keep them out of sight when not in-use, an ottoman or storage footstool is a perfect addition to complete your modern interior design. They provide a practical storage space and a comfy spot to rest your legs at the end of a long, hard day – truly the best of both worlds!

And finally, oversized mirrors are the ideal finishing touch for your modern living room ideas. Not only do they create that sleek, contemporary feel, but they open up your space too, reflecting light and making the room feel larger. For a truly modern look, try an ornate mirror in metallic gold or a more minimalist one with dark chunky edges!

Are you ready to give your living room that contemporary feel? Start browsing our collection of sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, and more today! Our inspiration page is also just a click away for more modern living room ideas.

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