How to improve your posture while sitting on your sofa

Did you know that good posture is about more than just looking confident and professional in the workplace?

Even when you’re kicking back in the comfort of your own home, posture is important for avoiding all sorts of aches and pains that cause discomfort in your back, neck, and head. These aren’t uncommon complaints either – over half the UK population currently believe they have bad posture!

So, to help improve the posture of the nation, we have enlisted the help of Dr Laura Knowles, chiropractor and posture expert, who has stressed the importance of maintaining good posture at home:

“Our spine has natural curves from top to bottom. These function to efficiently distribute stress and protect the important structures housed within, so it is vital we maintain them with good posture, especially when on the sofa!”

For more insights into how to have good posture when sitting on your sofa in different scenarios, check out our top tips below.

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How to maintain good posture when watching television

Whether you’re bingeing the new season of Succession or working your way through all the Star Wars series in time for Ahsoka, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a good box-set after a hard day!

In fact, according to Ofcom, Brits spend over 200 minutes – or over three hours – enjoying their favourite TV shows and streaming services every day. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have a good posture when sitting watching television, because those long sessions could be contributing to the pain and discomfort of bad posture.

But don’t worry, we aren’t here to tell you to cut down on your TV time. Instead, we will pass over to Dr Laura Knowles, who has some advice to protect yourself from these aches and pains:

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“The best way to maintain good posture is to be seated directly facing the TV, with your feet flat on the floor and your hips against the back of the seat in an upright position. This allows your ears to align over your shoulders and your hips to run parallel to your knees – all the hallmarks of good posture! If you stray from this sitting position, it can cause imbalances that add stress to joints and ligaments over time and lead to the onset of bad posture symptoms. This includes tucking your legs up to one side, slouching through the lower back with the legs raised or twisting your neck to one side.”

“When looking for ways to fix bad posture, cushions can also be a huge help. For example, adding a few cushions behind your mid back creates a support that will also prevent you from slumping in your lower spine. This is especially useful if you have a sofa with deeper seating or you just have shorter legs. Sofa height is also important – if you find your hips sink lower than your knees, try sitting on a cushion to raise your posture. Most importantly, remember to take breaks to get better posture. Humans are designed to move around, so try getting up from the sofa in-between episodes, even if just for a quick stretch or a fresh cup of tea!”

Improving your posture Sydney Sofa

If you’re looking for a new sofa to help fix bad posture while watching TV, we recommend our Sydney 4 Seater Sofa. This sofa can fit all the family for bingeing sessions, while the high back offers lumbar support to improve posture.

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How to maintain good posture when working from home

While most office buildings are now operating business-as-usual after the pandemic, many companies and employees prefer the flexibility of hybrid or remote working. The latest report from the ONS put this percentage as high as 44% of workers who work from home in some capacity.

The drawback is that most homes are not decked out with the ergonomic chairs or adjustable desks that populate office buildings. In some cases, people are forced to work at their dining table or even on their sofa, which can contribute to poor posture if not done properly. So, to help maintain good posture while working from home on the sofa, Dr Laura Knowles has provided the following pointers:

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“While a more ergonomic setup is the ideal choice, the occasional sofa stint is inevitable when working from home. The main focus to improve posture while working is laptop positioning. As with all screen use, we should aim to keep the top of the device in line with our eyes, where possible. Stack pillows onto your lap to help bridge this gap or add a cushion for neck support to reduce the temptation to strain your head downwards. If you do spend lots of time lounging on the sofa during meetings, make sure to break it up with regular movement. For example, you can set an alert on your phone every 30 minutes to remind you to get up, stretch, and get the blood flowing again.”

Improving your posture San Antonio Corner

For those who want to have good posture when sitting on their laptop, look no further than our San Antonio Corner Sofa. Not only does this sofa feature an adjustable headrest that helps support your neck while working, but the recliner functionality and corner shape allows you to stretch out and switch up positions more easily.

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How to maintain good posture when napping on the sofa

If you’re one of 23 million Brits who struggle to sleep at night, you’d be forgiven for wanting to doze for a little while on your sofa. You just need to ensure your afternoon siestas are not contributing to long-term poor posture!

To help fix your posture while sleeping on the sofa, Dr Laura Knowles has broken down the essentials of napping:

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“When it comes to napping, the same rules apply as when sleeping in a bed, with lying on your back or side being most conducive to long-term spinal health. For those who lie flat on their back, use two cushions to fix your posture while sleeping. One cushion to support your neck in a neutral position, and one cushion under your knees to reduce excess tension on the lower back.”

“If you prefer lying on your side, aim for a relaxed foetal position. Your pillow should comfortably fill the space between your shoulder and ear. If you’re prone to lower back issues, a cushion between the knees will reduce pelvic rotation and, therefore, strain on the hips and spine. Or maybe you can’t help but nod off within five minutes of a film starting? Your best option for improving posture is to prop yourself into a good, seated position from the get-go. Keep your hips against the back of the seat and use a cushion to support your neck in a neutral, relaxed position to avoid it rolling forward as you drift off.”

Improving your posture French Connection Studio

To help fix your posture while sleeping on the sofa, check out our Studio Recliner Sofa or our Emmeline Recliner Sofa. The recliner mechanism provides good lumbar support, while also offering a more comfortable way to maintain good posture when napping.

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How to maintain good posture when reading a book or scrolling on your phone

A sofa isn’t just for taking naps and watching television; we also spend a lot of time just lounging around on the cushions, scrolling social media or getting lost in a good book.

But what may feel like the most relaxing lounging position at the time could be the reason why you’re struggling with the symptoms of bad posture. Dr Laura Knowles talks through the impact of sitting awkwardly, below, as well as how to fix bad posture while still feeling relaxed:

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“Research has found that, for every inch the head shifts forward in posture, the weight on your neck increases by almost 5kg. So, if your head is 3 inches forward from the correct position when looking down at a book or phone screen, you could be adding up to 15kg of stress to your neck and shoulders. The long-term implications of this forward head posture can lead to neck pain, headaches, postural deformities, and a greatly increased rate of spinal joint degeneration. To help improve posture while sitting with your phone or a book, try placing cushions on your lap or under your support elbow to raise the book or screen to eye level. Aim to keep your ear in line with your shoulder, and make sure you take regular breaks to stretch.”

Improving your posture Charlbury sofa

Book worms and Insta-obsessed Brits alike should consider the beautiful simplicity of our Charlbury 4 Seater Sofa. The foam filling offers a firmer seat, which allows you to improve back posture at home, while the high armrests make it easier to bring your book or screen to eye level.

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Now you know different ways to improve posture while lounging about, it’s time to find the sofa to suit your favourite pastime. Do you need a seat to accommodate your box set binges or are you a prolific afternoon napper? Browse our complete collection of sofas and armchairs to pick out the perfect piece of furniture.

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