DFS Sofa

Plush and lush, this green velvet cuddler adds a touch of natural elegance to your room

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All the greens

Symbolising wellbeing and harmony, green is definitely go this season

Inspired by the very essence of nature, a green living room is the perfect way to freshen up your home. From rich dark pine to soft sage through to palest artichoke, green tones remind us of lush gardens and abundant foliage, evoking feelings of harmony and balance, and creating a stress-free natural living room in which to relax.

DFS Hoxton Sofa

Blending old-fashioned comfort and timeless elegance

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Dulux Paint Colour Swatches

Recreate the freshness of the room above using gorgeous green colours, such as these nature-inspired shades from Dulux

Print peace

Leaf prints and botanicals on wallpaper, cushions or throws work wonderfully with all the greens

Keep It In The Family

A twist of lime

A pop of bright green, like zesty lime or emerald, on paintwork or accessories can pep up an otherwise neutral colour scheme beautifully

Twist of lime

Mix and match

As long as you work with green shades from the same base – blue-greens or yellow-greens, for example – you can use more than one colour in the same room to great effect

Ring The Changes

A luxuriously comfortable place to relax with the whole family.

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DFS Gower Sofa

An elegant corner sofa that doesn’t compromise on comfort

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Warm Neutrals Concerto

Opulence is redefined with this classic velvet sofa

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DFS Burford Sofa

Beautifully curved button back design on wooden feet

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DFS Luppo

Deep padded seats and clean lines make this a must for any living room

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Lighten Up With Natural Coloured Walls

Au naturel

Balance greens of all shades with crisp whites and wooden furniture or floors for a straight-out-of-the-forest natural look

Get the look

Get back to nature with this gorgeously green room

  • /zinc

    The footstool

    A plush velvet footstool in matching shade is a versatile addition to any living space. This large Zinc Velvet Footstool is perfect, giving you extra seating room when you have visitors, space to play a board game or just somewhere to kick back and relax with your feet up.

    View Zinc Footstool

  • Dwell Tables

    The table

    Keep it natural with a circular wooden or glass side table. This set of three Bella tables from Dwell look amazing grouped together or they can be placed strategically around the room, letting light through and making the ideal place to display foliage-laden green plants.

    View Dwell Tables

  • Guilia Rug

    The rug

    A thick rug with a gentle geometric pattern, such as the Skerton, contrasts beautifully with the plain sofa and footstool.

    View Guilia Rug

  • Dwell lamp

    The lamp

    Forget the Seventies! Modern pendant lights are the cool way to add ‘pools’ of light to your room. Not as harsh as a spotlight, they allow you to concentrate light where it’s needed, without taking up valuable floor or table space.

    View Dwell Lamp

  • Scatter Cushions

    The cushions

    For a restful look, opt for plain cushions in watery blues and greens offset with a couple of patterned beauties in a variety of textures.

    View Scatters

  • Eclipse Mirror

    The mirror

    A fresh, sophisticated high-gloss pure white mirror, combining linear and rounded pieces for a stylish, contemporary look.

    View Eclipse Mirror

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