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Your guide to buying a Chesterfield sofa

Bringing sleek sophistication to any room it inhabits, a Chesterfield sofa is a timeless choice if you’re looking to upgrade your furniture set-up. The trick is knowing which style, size, and colour is best for your home.

Read on to find out how to pick out your perfect Chesterfield sofa.

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Why should I buy a Chesterfield sofa?

Want a living room set-up that exudes effortless elegance? Or perhaps you’re looking for that finishing flourish for your home office that gives a real Mad Men feel?

Well, there’s a reason why the Chesterfield has been one of the most enduringly popular sofa designs over the last few centuries! This iconic silhouette is an always easy way to add a lush and lavish vibe to your home’s décor – regardless of whether you’re aiming for a traditional Chesterfield sofa or a more contemporary style.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to guide you to the best Chesterfield armchair or sofa, according to your requirements. All you need to do is keep reading our buying guide, below.

What is a Chesterfield sofa?

Before we start listing off different fabrics or comparing dimensions, let’s first bring it back to basics with a quick explanation of what makes a Chesterfield.

No doubt you’ll have seen the design in other living rooms, or squirrelled away in the background of prestige films and TV shows. Maybe you recognise the rolled armrests and the low back; or is it the deep button tufting along the backrest cushions that sticks in your mind?

The distinctive design of Chesterfield sofas has largely remained unchanged since its creation in the 18th century - though there have been some slight variations on the original model. We’re talking velvet Chesterfield chairs, high back Chesterfield sofas for modern living rooms, and Chesterfield sofa beds that marry sophistication and practicality.

Regardless of which contemporary variation catches your eye, it’s all about the rolled armrests and deep button tufting that makes a Chesterfield look so stately!

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What are the different types of Chesterfield sofas?

Chesterfield sofa styles typically fall into one of two camps: timeless and traditional or modern and contemporary.

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Timeless and traditional is all about the original look that everyone first fell in love with. That includes all the brown Chesterfield sofas with a low back, upholstered in real leather. It’s the style that you’re likely most familiar with and is a classic choice that effortlessly exudes elegance, no matter where you place it in your home.

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Modern and contemporary Chesterfield sofa styles, on the other hand, tweak the original design ever so slightly for great effect. For example, instead of a leather Chesterfield sofa, you might see models upholstered in fabric. Or perhaps you’ll come across a corner Chesterfield sofa that bears all the attributes of the classic style, just in an L-shaped silhouette.

Remember, there’s no wrong answer here. Whether you want to stay true to the original design or prefer the contemporary variations, both Chesterfield sofa styles provide that all-important joie de vivre to your living space. It’s just a matter of personal preference!

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What Chesterfield sofa material should I buy?

While leather Chesterfield sofas were the original design, you can now find this furniture clad in many different types of fabric. You can read more about these materials, below:

chesterfield sofa buying Guide leather palace

Leather Chesterfields

If you want the classic look that will never go out of fashion, then a leather Chesterfield sofa could be the best choice for your home. This sleek material adds a certain refinement to your décor that wouldn’t look out of place in a stately home. What’s more, spills and stains can be wiped away with minimal fuss!

Explore our wider leather sofa collection to see what other styles catch your eye.

chesterfield sofa buying Guide fabric belair

Fabric Chesterfields

Fabric Chesterfields are all about comfort. It’s the same iconic design, just with that sink-in satisfaction that helps you relax after a long day on your feet. There are also more colour choices with fabric Chesterfields that make it easier to find the perfect sofa for your current décor.

If you want to see other available options, browse our wider fabric sofa collection.

chesterfield sofa buying Guide leather palace

Velvet Chesterfields

Similar to fabric models, a velvet Chesterfield sofa offers super soft seating that you never want to get up from. The inviting cosiness is perfect for those who want to create a warm and homely setting in their living room, while the colour variations give you plenty of opportunity to further customise the look of your space.

To find out more about the benefits of this material, read our velvet sofa guide.

chesterfield sofa buying Guide fabric velvet belair

Fabric/leather Chesterfields

Want the sink-in softness of fabric but the effortless elegance of leather? A fabric/leather Chesterfield combines the best of both materials, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. This design certainly makes for a unique centrepiece in your living room!

What Chesterfield size do I need?

Once you’re happy with the style and feel of your Chesterfield sofa, it’s time to start thinking about the dimensions. Namely, what size sofa will fit neatly into your current set-up?

Read on for more details about the different sizes available at DFS. Or, if you aren’t entirely sure which size Chesterfield will fit into your living room, check out our sofa measuring guide.

Chesterfield armchairs vintage

Chesterfield armchairs

Whether you want to create a cosy reading nook in the corner of your living room, or you need an accent chair to contrast your sofa set-up, a Chesterfield armchair ups the stylish credentials of your décor. This is perhaps the easiest way to implement the iconic Chesterfield design into your home, as it takes up the least amount of square footage.

Take a look at our wider collection of armchairs for more décor-defining styles.

Chesterfield armchairs vintage

Chesterfield 2 seaters

A 2 seater Chesterfield sofa is the perfect choice for smaller living rooms or those who’d like to squeeze a Chesterfield into their home office. It’s the same iconic design that you know and love, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Browse our complete 2 seater sofa range for more options.

Chesterfield armchairs vintage

Chesterfield 3 seaters

Want more space to spread out across the cushions while enjoying a well-earned box set binge? Then consider a 3 seater Chesterfield sofa. You can truly kick back and relax, and you’ll have more seats available when you invite guests over.

Explore our wider 3 seater sofa collection to compare other styles to Chesterfields.

Chesterfield armchairs vintage

Chesterfield 4 seaters

For those who have the square footage to accommodate its size, a 4 seater Chesterfield sofa comfortably fits all the family on the cushions for your weekly film night. There are also corner Chesterfield sofas available, if you think you can better fit the L-shape into your floor plan.

Shop our 4 seater and corner sofa collections for more inspiration.

Chesterfield sofa FAQs

Got more questions about buying a Chesterfield sofa? See the answers to the most common queries that our customers ask, below.

While everyone talks up its style, Chesterfield sofas also offer an extremely comfortable seating experience. The deep button tufting and rolled arms aren’t just for show – they provide a supportive and cosy feel when you’re lounging across the cushions!

In fact, Chesterfield sofas and armchairs are great for lumbar support, helping to maintain a proper posture while reducing strain on your back muscles.

The classic look for a Chesterfield sofa is traditionally associated with deep, rich colours, such as brown and burgundy. It’s these colours that have helped to shape the elegant look that the Chesterfield is known for.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards more contemporary and eclectic shades. We’re talking about the likes of white, beige, and grey – typically with fabric Chesterfields – that have helped ease this sofa design into more modern motifs.

No, Chesterfield sofas do not need to be leather, with options available clad in fabric, velvet, and a fabric/leather combo.

Very much so!

Chesterfield sofas have been going strong since the 18th century and have shown no signs of easing in popularity. The timeless design of the deep button tufting, rolled arms, and luxurious materials continues to be a favourite of interior designers and homeowners all across the world.

The recent resurgence of vintage and retro designs in home décor only adds to the demand for Chesterfield sofas, with people looking to recreate the striking styles of yesteryear!

While the deep button tufting of your Chesterfield sofa might look easy on the eye, they can be a little tricky to keep clean. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Start by gently brushing the buttons with a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. Then, spot clean the tufting with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent and water solution to gently scrub the buttons and get them sparkling. To finish up, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. Job done!

Of course, the specifics of cleaning a Chesterfield sofa differ depending on the material. You should always first refer to the care instructions of your particular sofa before getting out the cleaning products. Take a look at our fabric care guide or our leather care guide for more general details on how to keep your Chesterfield in tip top condition.

And this paragraph at the bottom has gotten duplicated, original copy should be: If you want to find out more about our range of Chesterfield sofas, just get in touch with our team of experts. We can offer more information on specific products, as well as provide interior advice that could inform your next purchase. You can also start browsing our range of sofas and armchairs, if you want to put this Chesterfield buying guide into action!

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