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Posturepedic Sealy mattressesPosturepedic Sealy mattresses

Sealy - it’s where sleep matters

At Sealy, sleep is not just “something we all do”, or “time spent in bed” but more of a question of when, where, why and how we can all sleep better. It’s that wholehearted commitment to the entire sleep scape that allows the Sealy Sleep Team to make mattresses that are not only different, but made with love, passion & care right here in Britain. That’s why Sealy are the World’s No 1 Sleep Brand.

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It’s a first class feeling…

The Astral Plush offers a first class sleep experience. Bursting with perfected sleep technology, this is what innovation truly feels like.

Designed for everyone, made for you

A Sealy Posturepedic mattress offers a support system that’s unique from top to toe, for a sleep that’s best in class.

Sealy and Mens Health

Exclusively available at DFS, these luxury mattresses have been designed in partnership with Men's Health and Women's Health brands - alongside orthopaedic mattress experts Sealy - to deliver exceptional support to your pressure points, resulting in an amazing night's sleep.

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Passion in our hearts, science in our souls.

Here at Sealy we continue to invest in the advancement and understanding of new materials, new processes, and new techniques - to ensure that every Sealy sleeper gets a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

Different and better technologies for a first class feeling

Each and every Sealy Posturepedic mattress embodies the unique, patented technologies that sets Sealy apart. Cleverly designed and carefully developed through decades of knowhow, and love for crafting a wonderful nights sleep - married with ongoing scientific research and testing. So whatever sleep experience you’re looking for, Sealy Posturepedic always makes complete Sleep Sense.

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Designed alongside orthopaedic surgeons

Our products are developed inline with the International Orthopaedic Advisory Board. To provide the best support, your mattress should allow your spine to maintain its neutral posture whilst you sleep, reducing muscular tension and strain. Sealy Posturepedic works to provide correct support by aligning the body position during rest.

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Sealy’s patented and proprietary AlignSupport® Coil is a two stage sense and respond spring system, which first senses your individual shape as you rest into the mattress, then responds with deep down, consistent support. Sealy’s spring systems are also twice tempered for durability you can depend on.

UniCased® encompasses the entire mattress edge, offering a larger usable sleep surface, removing the “roll off” feeling, and provide ultimate stability. UniCased® XT features coil inspired air channels which provide a more responsive feel and offer added breathability.

An enhanced centre layer placed in the centre third of the mattress, positioned in the perfect spot for targeting your hips and lower back, providing that all-important pressure relief.

A gel-infused comfort layer offers pressure relief to the areas that need it most. It also offers breathability in abundance, designed to keep you cool during the night.

Exclusive to DFS, the mattress sleep surface features SensIce™ which draws away moisture to keep you cool and regulate your sleep climate.

ProShield® keeps allergens at bay and offers a clean and fresh night's sleep, endorsed by AllergyUK.

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Each and every Sealy Posturepedic mattress embodies the unique, patented technologies that sets Sealy apart. And for the ultimate peace of mind - they all include a 7 year guarantee, too.

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