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Monochrome: Interiors Trend

Black and white is a classic, returning, always-on-trend vibe - but this season, it’s back front and centre. While previous iterations have been more about white with black accent pieces, 2023’s take on monochrome interiors is more of a 50-50 split between the two; resulting in an elevated, effortlessly refined, contemporary look.

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How to create a Monochrome living room

As long as you stick to the pared-back colour palette, this trend is easy to nail in your living space. Pair a white sofa with black scatter cushions, opt for black wood or metal occasional furniture, and bring in some monochrome patterns on rugs or soft furnishings. If you’d rather go for a black sofa - maybe it’s more your vibe, or simply more practical - switch it up with white throws, cushions and rugs to soften the look, then pair everything with a white coffee table for contrast.

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How to create a Monochrome bedroom

The most practical way to incorporate this trend into your bedroom is to opt for a statement bed, upholstered in black. Pairing this with crisp white bed linens will always look great, and the sharp contrast will create that boutique hotel-inspired vibe. With your large headboard making a grand statement, you’ll want to focus on mostly white elsewhere in the room, but don’t be afraid to complement the bed with an accent chair, bench stool, or a selection of bold geometric art pieces or scatter cushions.

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Monochrome Trend Claxby Bed
Monochrome Trend Claxby Bed Moodboard

How to create a Monochrome dining room

This trend is ideal for creating a sophisticated dining space, and introducing slimline mid century dining furniture will keep the room feeling uncluttered and open. The Cade dining set nails this aesthetic, with on-trend ribbed detailing, yet a colour palette that ensures a timeless and contemporary look. For open plan spaces, rugs are ideal to add structure - allowing you to subtly zone and enhance a communal area. The striking geometric Macie rug is a great option for placing under a dining table, and adds an extra level of cosiness with a deep piled texture.

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Monochrome Trend Dining Moodboard

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