How To Furnish Your Master Bedroom
How To Furnish Your Master Bedroom GrangeHow To Furnish Your Master Bedroom Kane
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How to Add Bedroom Furniture to Your Master Bedroom

Whether it’s snuggling up in your cosy bed or kicking back in an armchair after a long day at work, the right furniture can turn your master bedroom into a haven of relaxation.

However, choosing the right bedroom furniture to create a soothing space is easier said than done. Not only are you typically more limited by space than in other rooms, but you also risk disturbing the established décor of your master bedroom.

Below, we explore how to effortlessly implement your master bedroom furniture ideas, as well as which types of bedroom furniture you should consider adding to your sleep sanctuary.

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How to furnish a master bedroom

So, you’ve got your eye on filling your master bedroom with contemporary dwell décor, or maybe you’re captivated by the charm of Country Living furniture. However, before you start rushing to order your master bedroom furniture, there are certain elements to keep in mind. Here are some of our top master bedroom decorating tips to bear in mind while you’re browsing for the perfect master bedroom furniture.

York Range

Think of available space

With a huge bed already taking up much of the square footage, you’re going to be limited in the master bedroom furniture you can add to your décor.

To avoid overcrowding the bedroom, you need to measure the exact dimensions - including the space around the bed, and areas between current pieces of furniture. Remember you need space to open drawers or cupboards, too. Don’t forget to measure the space leading up to the room, including the hall and staircase, to avoid any awkward pivoting.

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Willow Range

Stick to one décor style

While some may like to experiment with colours and textures, the easiest way to ensure a cohesive look to your master bedroom furniture is to stick to a theme.

If you can, opt for pieces within the same range, as this will ensure your furniture matches with the same styles, material, and finish. Match these to the colours of the walls or accessories - like oak furniture with warm colours, and dark wood with monochromatic colours.

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Countess Range

Consider practicality

Although style may be your first port of call, practicality is key to choosing the right bedroom furniture. Choosing the largest piece of furniture that fits might not always be the best option! Instead of a wardrobe, you might consider a smaller piece of furniture, such as drawers. This way, you’ll save floorspace, add extra counter space, and even have wall space for hanging items like mirrors or art.

You can also capitalise on storage space with your choice of bedside tables, and ottomans are ideal for extra linens and blankets.

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Aldridge Bed

Maximising your master bed

But let’s not forget the most important piece of furniture in your master bedroom: the bed itself! Of course, your main priority is a bed that’s as comfortable - but a bed frame can also make more practical use of the room’s available space.

Case in point, divan beds and ottoman beds. Many divan beds feature storage space within their base, such as divan beds with drawers - or alternatively, ottomans are clear choices for storage, providing easily accessible underbed storage space.

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What master bedroom furniture do I need?

When you’re thinking about how to furnish your master bedroom, consider the following inclusions to your décor...

Leon Bookcase Bed

Beds and ottomans

Naturally, the centrepiece of any master bedroom will be the bed - and the best choices for beds for a master bedroom is either a king sized bed or a super king bed, thanks to the space they provide.

There are plenty of style choices to consider too, especially within our collection of beds: consider classic metal bed frames and wooden bed frames; or contemporary fabric bed frames and leather bed frames to modernise your home. Then there’s the case of the bed frame itself. Do you opt for a large headboard or prominent footboard? What about splurging on a TV bed for binging box–sets in ultimate luxury?

While you’re considering your sleeping area, you should also explore adding to the foot end with an ottoman or blanket box.

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Leon Bookcase Bed

Seating area

Got space to spare? A separate seating area is ideal to furnish a large master bedroom, allowing you to keep your bed solely as a sleeping area.

When thinking about creating a master bedroom sitting area, furniture like lamp tables and drawers help to define the space - but main concern will be on the seating itself. We recommend loveseats - small, 2 seater sofas, concise and cosy - or for smaller spaces, you can still create a master bedroom sitting area with furniture like an accent chair, a chaise longue, or even an armchair.

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Leon Bookcase Bed

Drawers and dressing tables

For storage in your master bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a set of drawers. Whether you use them to store clothes or sheets, they’re ideal bedroom furniture for a small master bedroom.

You can also opt for a dressing table - these are perfect dedicated spots for your ‘getting ready’ morning routines and offer a charming addition to any bedroom.

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Leon Bookcase Bed

Bedside tables

A must for storage within easy reach, no master bedroom is complete without a set of bedside tables. While they make the ideal place for a lamp, glass of water and your night-time read - this key furniture piece can offer so much more, too. For a more elegant solution to all your bits and bobs, choose a set of bedside tables with built-in drawers. And what could be handier than a bedside table with wireless charging?

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With the basics of master bedroom furniture established, you’ll now be able to start planning out your own master bedroom makeover. If you want to completely upgrade your bedroom and find a new bed, take a look at our complete beds and mattresses range, browsing our collection of comfortable beds and mattresses.

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