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5 Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room

Is there anything better than coming home at the end of a long day?

The rain outside is pattering against the living room window, but you’re curled up inside, surrounded by the warmth of a knitted blanket, and the glow of scented candles. Sounds lush, doesn’t it?

So, while there are countless ways you can decorate your living room, if earth-toned colours, loveseats, plants, candles, and knits are right up your street - then you might be on the lookout for some cosy living room ideas. Need a bit of cosy living room inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Look below at some of our top tips to start adding a laid back-luxe to your space.

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1. Pick a cosy colour scheme

It’s always best to start decorating any living room by picking a colour scheme. This means getting the paint brushes out, before any sofas, coffee tables, or bookshelves get in the way. After all, painting can be a hassle, so we want to help you get your cosy living room colours right, first time!

The first step is to pick the colours you like. In our humble opinion, the best cosy living room colour schemes are earthy tones – think beige, brown, green, and muted reds. You don’t have to pick just one, you can mix and match if you like.

Don’t worry if earthy tones aren’t the cosy living room colours for you – you could also try creating a contrast with colours like blue and grey. For example, blue walls with a grey sofa and footstool can be just as cosy.

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Or perhaps you could give colour blocking a go?

For colour blocking, you simply pick one dark colour, and one light colour, then create a horizontal divide on the walls. The dark colour goes on the lower half, and the light colour goes on the upper half. This creates a cosy feeling in the darker section, but also opens the space up with the light colour above - a great way to use dark colours without verpowering a smaller space.

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2. Choose furniture that brings people together

Furniture is integral to any type of cosy living room décor; you want to pick pieces that speak to you but also allow you to express your style to others. Take the sofa, for example. You might love a fabric sofa, and you can definitely have that. But why not pick a fabric sofa in an L shape design, or a fabric love seat adjacent to a regular 2-seater? If you’ve got the space, you could go with two fabric sofas, and place them facing each other. All of these options allow you to have the style you love, while the design and layout open up the space and encourage conversation between yourself and guests. For other bits of furniture, you could pick out a nice coffee table and place it in the middle of the room. Try laying out some snacks and coasters for drinks to really help get the conversation flowing - there’s nothing cosier than a cup of tea and a natter with pals!


3. Bring the outdoors indoors

They’re the Marmite of the cosy living room décor scene – that’s right, we’re talking about plants. Now, we know not everyone has a touch of the green fingers, but you don’t need to be Gardener’s World’s biggest fan to bring some of the outdoors into your cosy space.

After all, putting plants in your living room will not only help you achieve that cosy feeling, but they’re also a great mood booster too!

If you don’t want to add ‘water the plants’ to your daily to-do-list, then plants like string of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) or devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum) are great - they love to be left alone. Simply pop them down, away from direct sunlight, and keep the watering to a minimum.

If plants aren’t for you, then why not give your furniture a touch of the outdoors by opting for natural materials? An oak wood coffee table, a wicker basket full of fluffy blankets, or maybe even a faux sheep skin rug all help to make a cosy living room. What’s more, opting for more natural materials is more eco-friendly, only adding to the cosy vibe.

One super simple trick is to allow tons of natural light into your living room. Similar to plants, this is fab for that comfy cosy feel, but it’s also a great mood booster! Whether you’ve got curtains or blinds, get them open, and let the day inside. At nighttime, up the cosiness by layering warm light from table and floor lamps scattered around the room… rather than turning on the big light!

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4. Light up the room

Candles! Candles! Candles! Nothing makes a living room cosier than the soft flickering, and light crackling of a candle burning away. Not to mention that the scent of the candles can really make a cosy living room feel more inviting too! If candles don’t do it for you, then there are plenty of other cosy living room lighting options to consider. You could illuminate any dark and gloomy corners of the living room with tall, warm coloured lamps, perfect for cosying up with a brew and a book. Try draping a string of warm coloured fairy lights along the top of any mirrors, or bookshelves you have. This cosy living room lighting not only casts your lounge in a lovely inviting glow, but it also adds some depth to your space. To get the best cosy feeling from your lights, it might be best to stick to lamps and lights that come in a warm tone, and opt for warm toned bulbs too.


5. Colour it with life

Once you’ve got all the essentials out the way, it’s time to add those finishing touches to your cosy living room décor. You want it to tell a story of get-togethers on special occasions, movie nights with friends, and Sunday roast dinners with the family – make it look lived in, make it look loved.

The easiest way to do this is to scatter little personal touches throughout the space. Think photos with friends and family, books, and art pieces you love. This living room is yours and it should reflect that for the ultimate cosy vibe.

If you’ve got a box full of keepsakes like concert tickets, receipts from dates with your partner, or cards, why not try arranging a few together and framing them for display? Get them out of the stuffy cardboard box under your bed, and into your cosy living room décor.

Another way you can add a bit of life to your cosy living room ideas is by picking out faux upcycled furniture or pieces made from reclaimed wood. Go with pieces that look like they have a past and a story to tell - a 60s drinks cabinet, antique French drawers, or bookshelf with a distressed and rustic feel could do the trick!

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Are you ready to plonk on your sofa, with a book, and a good brew? Then you can start shopping for sofas and living room furniture right away! Take a look at our inspiration page if you want more advice and guidance on how to create a cosy living room.

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