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5 Grey Living Room Ideas

Classic. Sleek. Timeless. A grey interior design offers an effortless upgrade to any room.

But the heart of any home is the living room – it’s where you host guests, share snacks, and take a minute for yourself with a brew before work. So, if you’re looking to add a sleek touch with some grey lounge ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

From finding your perfect grey sofa to discovering what colours go with a grey living room, keep reading for some of our favourite grey living room ideas.

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grey living room ideas with orka sofa

1. Start with the sofa

Did you know that the most popular colour of sofa sold at DFS is grey? This is an ideal place to start when creating your dream grey living room. The sofa is the centrepiece of any living room, so you want to make sure it sets the tone for the rest of the lounge.

If you love to host movie marathons with friends or sprawl out on the sofa at the end of the day, then a spacious corner sofa could be for you. Choose either a velvet sofa or fabric sofa to cuddle up cosily with your loved ones – a super comfy way to tick off grey living room furniture from your to do list!

For those who like a bit more of a classic feel in their grey living room, why not consider a 2-seater with a sleek single love seat in the corner for extra seating? To add a sophisticated and stylish touch to your grey living room, you should also consider one of our grey leather sofa suites too!

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If you’re wondering what goes with a grey sofa, then decorations like scatter cushions are your answer. Pick pieces in colours that match with grey to add a splash of cohesive colour – think baby pink, sage green, mustard yellow. This is a quick and easy way to add depth and diversity to your space.

2. Add metallic accents

Grey is fairly a subdued colour and, while we love it for its style and simplicity, you can bring a bit of character to your grey living room ideas with some choice metallic accents.

For a touch of modernity in your grey interior design, you could place a metallic gold drinks bar in a cosy corner of the room – perfect for hosting or winding down at the end of the day. Add in soft warm light fixtures and a statement art piece above the bar to really highlight this metallic accent!

If curling up on the sofa with a steaming hot cup of coffee is more your style, a chrome coffee table could be the perfect fit for your space. You’ll certainly have a convenient place to rest your mug and enhance your grey living room furniture at the same time – practical and elegant!

What’s more, mirrors are a great way to get those metallic tones into your grey interior design, and they help make your living room feel more spacious as well. Try a simple round silver metallic mirror or get adventurous with a geometric metallic gold mirror.

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Heban coffee table

c088 column image

Lerato artwork

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Pettine mirror

grey living room ideas with rafal sofa

3. Introduce plants and flora

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh’s number one fan to bring some greenery into your grey lounge ideas. There are tons of low maintenance plants out there, just waiting to help bring some life to your grey living room!

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If you’ve got the space for a larger plant, then a Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) could be the perfect addition to your grey lounge. Tall and wispy, this plant adds a soft touch to any living room and only requires water when the top layer of soil has dried.

DFS content image

Smaller plants, like cacti or a single heart (Hoya kerrii), fit nice and snug on any bookcase, fireplace, or shelf. Both require minimal attention, only requiring water every 10 days in summer and up to 4 weeks in winter.

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If you want a plant with a bit more character, then hanging plants like a string-of-pearls (Senecio herrianus) are ideal. With its flowy pearl-like green leaves, this plant is perfect for hanging over the edge of any high shelf, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

4. Layer up with soft furnishings

Don’t be afraid of exploring different textures as part of your grey colour living room ideas – faux fur, corduroy, leather can add depth and a bit of intrigue to your lounge.

If you’re after a bit of extra storage space or some additional seating, then an ottoman or storage footstool could be ideal for you. A sage green velvet ottoman brings a luxurious feel to your grey living room, and means you’ll have plenty of space to store those knitted blankets when not in use.

grey living room ideas with grand designs brockwell sofa

5. Use different grey tones

From dark charcoal-like tones to lighter stormy cloud shades, there are tons of different grey shades to mix and match, creating that eye-catching grey interior design.

To create some depth in your grey living room, try painting the walls of your living room in a lighter grey and then any alcoves in a darker shade. If there are no alcoves in your lounge, then go for a darker wall colour with a lighter shade on the skirting boards and ceiling for a similar effect.

If you want a bit more room for creativity in your grey living room ideas, why not create a grey feature wall? This way, you are free to style your living room walls in any colour you feel, while still getting that hint of grey. You could even decorate the grey feature wall with framed family photos – bonus points in these are in black and white, or in a grey frame!

If you’re ready to start shopping for the perfect grey living room pieces then check out our sofas and coffee tables, or for more interior design tips then head over to our inspiration page.

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