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What’s the big deal about curved sofas?

Curved sofas aren’t a new trend - they have roots in the maximalist furniture of the 70’s and 80’s. So why are we seeing them everywhere right now - from designer interiors to celebrities’ living rooms?! Let’s explore this exciting new trend and how it might work in your living space…


Big, communal, world-changing life events always create change, as they leave people receptive to new ideas. As we adapt to life in a post-covid world, there have been big shifts in fashion and style too - and curves are the biggest shape change to hit the sofa market in a long time!

The curved sofa shape itself speaks to us on an unconscious level - arguably a bit of a backlash against the minimalist trend of angular, sharp lines of the last few years - appealing to our need for comfort, reassurance, and a cosy cocooning that protects us from our external worries.

But it goes further than an instinctual womb-like cosiness; this shape also appeals to us because, simply: it’s chic. Curved sofas give off an elegant, feminine vibe, appearing more ample in proportion and therefore very indulgent, and super insta-ready, for those of us who love to show off our style online.



If you’re looking for something that will steal the show in your living room (while being super comfy and cosy) it’s difficult to beat a curved sofa. This is a trend that’s likely to stick around - curved furniture has been touted by many as the ‘trend of the decade’.

And because this shape is at the very forefront of styling trends - you’ll also find it in the biggest fabrics of the moment. Think cosy, touchable boucle, the texture of which looks spectacular on sweeping curves; or the most stunning of sumptuously jewel-toned velvets. Bold colours are par for the course, but the shape is statement enough to hold its own - so neutrals and 90s tones are making a comeback in this style, too.


Types of curved sofas

Everyone’s got a thing - and with so much variety among curved sofas, there’s one to satisfy whatever yours might be! Cocooning arms or sweeping, open chaise ends - the choice is yours…

Curved armchairs

Happy with your existing sofa for now? You can still join in with this trend - snap up a snazzy curved armchair for a cosy corner, as a bedroom chair, or simply to contrast with your current li ving room seating setup.

The history of curved sofas

Curved furniture first became popular in the 1970’s - but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that we saw curved sofas really become popular. Thanks to a combination of the decade’s love of maximalism, combined with waves and squiggle designs, curved sofas quickly became synonymous with 80’s couture. So what’s different about the 2020s curved sofas trend? Well, we’re seeing curved sofas in new fabrics, like cosy boucle, and up-to-date shades, like olive green or millennial pink. Many curved sofa shapes also have more of a minimalist or mid century twist than their 80’s ancestors. And of course, one of the most exciting things is that this time around, you can snag a curved sofa for a much more affordable price, making the trend much more accessible.

Most people simply call this style curved sofas - it sums them up perfectly - but you may also hear them referred to as an arc sofa, arch sofa, crescent sofa or conversation sofa.

We certainly think so! Curved sofas are a growing category - as is curved furniture - seen everywhere from interior style magazines to the homes of trendsetting celebrities, from Gabrielle Union to Claudia Schiffer. Many style aficionados tout curved furniture as a whole as the ‘interiors trend of the decade’, so it looks like the curved sofas trend is here to stay for a while.

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Curved sofa styling tips

A head-turning curved sofa can be a bit intimidating to style - but don’t worry! We’ve rounded up our top styling tips to help you create a look you love…

It’s easy to love the look of a curved sofa - but how do you put a curved sofa in a room? Generally, you can use a curved sofa anywhere you can use a regular sofa, as though they make a style statement, they’re very versatile. A curved sofa will work well against a wall, but to really make the most of the shape, place it somewhere you’ll be able to admire it from all angles! A curved sofa makes a great room divider in open-plan spaces, as they look just as good from the back as they do the front. Many customers also choose a curved sofa for a bay window - this helps to really make a bay window a focal point of the room.

Absolutely! While many people opt for a corner sofa, a small curved sofa can be another excellent option for the corner of a room. A curved armchair can also look great, and is a great option for small spaces.

When choosing a coffee table for your curved sofa, there’s plenty of options! We think an oval or round coffee table makes an exceptionally smart choice, as it mirrors the elegant curve of your sofa. However, choosing a rectangular coffee table can also provide an interesting contrast - and mixing and matching angular and curved side tables, lamps and other storage can create an intriguing visual interest in your space.

What footstool suits a curved sofa?

If you really want to make a statement in your living space - and if you’re choosing a curved sofa, we think you probably do - then you really can’t beat a curved footstool. Whether you opt for a classic round footstool; a striking and surprisingly practical interlocking footstool set; or simply a curved footstool from the same range as your sofa, designed to fit snugly into the curve: you really can’t go wrong with a curved footstool.


Why stop at sofas? We certainly haven’t! Explore everything from curved beds and desks, to curved garden furniture - right here at DFS.

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