Your guide to buying a sofa bed

For sitting, snoozing and sleeping

Sofabeds create a little extra flexibility in your home. They work
just as well in spare rooms and home offices as they do in
living rooms – and as so many of our sofas are also
available as sofabeds, you can still get the perfect look.

Here's our experts' sofabed buying guide to help you choose your sofabed.

The right size for your home

Whether you're looking for a sofabed for your living room or would like something smaller to use now and again, we've got plenty of options to choose from.

Big on comfort

Similar in size to a double bed, 3 seaters are perfect if you're planning to use the sofa every day or have regular guests. And great design means they're just as comfy forsitting or sleeping.

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A good all-rounder

Wider than a single bed but not quite as wide as a double, our 2 seater sofabeds are compact enough to work in smaller spaces without compromising on comfort.

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A bed in a chair

These super space-efficient lifesavers are great for unexpected guests and work brilliantly in any room. We even have footstool beds for the ultimate in easy comfort and convenience.

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A good nights sleep

The design of the sofabed determines the type of mattress inside. Look for a bed with our standard foam mattress if you plan to use it occasionally. Or go for our spring deluxe mattress if you have guests regularly. Whichever you choose, your guests can look forward to a good night's sleep.

Easy does it

Turning your sofa into a bed and putting it back has to be simple and straightforward. So it's worth measuring up to make sure you've pulled your sofabed out.

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