The Pattern Project Collection

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We are excited to announce the launch of The Pattern Project collection, designed in partnership with interiors influencers and pattern experts Katie Woods (@comedowntothewoods) and Emily Murray (@pinkhouseliving).
The Pattern Project Play Chair


The Pattern Project Katie Woods

Katie Woods

“When it came to creating this collection with DFS, Emily and I reflected on the past couple of years and thought a lot about how everything has changed. We drew inspiration from the thoughts and feelings that carried us through the trickier months of the pandemic and chose patterns and colours that we felt brought those feelings to life.“

“We deliberately chose colours and patterns that would empower people and that they could feel confident to use in their homes. We developed designs that would work in harmony with existing pieces, but also created some options for people to experiment with bolder design choices too. Above all, we wanted the chairs to evoke positive feelings. The project has been a joy to work on and we hope that shows in the designs.”

The Pattern Project Emily Murray

Emily Murray

“Katie and I wanted to create a collection of armchairs that encapsulated positive feelings and attitudes, to bring this positivity into people’s homes with a variety of designs that appealed to various tastes and worked with different décor schemes. The collection is also designed with the whole house in mind, with chairs that suit every room, from a chic home office to a comfortable sitting room.”

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