Garden Furniture Buying Guide
Salvia 6 Piece Corner Garden SofaPriya 6 Seater Oval Dining Set with Fire Pit

The ideal garden furniture for every type of garden

If you’re looking to enjoy your garden more this year, we’re here to help! Choosing the right garden furniture can make a real difference to your outdoor space - whether you have a spacious country garden or just a small balcony to play with.

In this garden furniture buying guide, we’ll explore the best options for different sized gardens, as well as what furniture will help solve those pesky garden problems - like not enough shade or storage - and even what garden furniture works best with your favourite garden style. Let’s get enjoying our spaces more this summer!

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What are the different types of garden furniture?

The days of moulded plastic garden chairs are long gone! Before we dive into what furniture is best for your garden, let’s take a look at the different types of garden furniture that are out there.

3 Seater Hosta Sofa with Matching Armchair

Garden sofa

A comfortable sofa specially designed to be used outdoors - with extra hardwearing and quick-dry upholstery

Salvia 6 Piece Corner Garden Sofa

Garden corner sofa

Fixed or modular, these specially designed outdoor corner sofas are ideal for gathering families or friends together

Voilet 2 Seat Bistro Set with Matching Table

Bistro set

The classic small table with two chairs - ideal for a meal for two, or enjoying the sun with your morning coffee

The best garden furniture for different garden sizes

Balcony Garden Top Picks Bistro Set and Small Outdoor Sofa

If your outdoor space is limited to a balcony, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it equally as much as a larger garden! A space-saving bistro set is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee in the mornings, and also lets you eat al fresco easily. If you have the space, consider a small outdoor sofa, which doesn’t take up too much room, but lets you kick back and enjoy the fresh air in comfort.

Top tip: Make use of walls, rails and ceilings with hanging planters, outdoor rugs, and wall decor to create your own cosy outdoor oasis.

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Small Garden Top Picks Lounge Set Outdoor Sofa and Round Sofa Dining Set

Small gardens can be tricky to get right, but with some clever planning, you can find the right garden furniture to enjoy your outdoor space. You could consider a bistro set, but we think if you do have the space, something extra comfortable like a small outdoor sofa, a lounge set, or even a round sofa dining set would help you enjoy your small garden even more. All of these options also let you enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends!

Top tip: If you only have space for minimal garden furniture, think carefully about how you use your garden most of the time. Regularly eat al fresco? Choose a dining set. Glass of wine with friends more your style? A lounge set or sofa might be better.

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Medium Garden Top Picks Garden Sofa Set Modular Sofa and Dining Set with Rising Table

A medium sized garden brings many more possibilities, but you still may feel limited on space. Flexible options can help you enjoy your garden in new ways - like a modular garden sofa, which can be rearranged to offer the best view of your outdoor space throughout the seasons. A garden sofa set is another great option for hosting friends and family in comfort, and will help make your garden the place to be this summer!

Top tip: You might have space for multiple items of furniture, but make sure they have space to breathe. Consider investing in multifunctional furniture - like a sofa dining set with a rising table, that works for both casual drinks and formal dining.

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Large Garden Top Picks Garden Corner Sofa Set and 8 Seater Dining Set

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, you definitely want to be able to enjoy it from all angles! Whether it’s kicking back and relaxing on a large garden corner sofa, or gathering the whole family around an elegant 8 seater dining set, you have almost limitless options when it comes to garden furniture. Creating quiet, private areas in a larger garden is great for when you just want to be alone, though - and for those areas, a smaller lounge set or roofed day bed can create that cosy feel you’re looking for.

Top tip: A large garden offers the space for multiple furniture pieces, but don’t place them all in one area. Designate different areas of your garden for dining, relaxing, and socialising, so you can enjoy every corner of your outdoor space.

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Harvey Round Sofa Dining Set with Rising Table

The best furniture for different garden problems

Ascot Deluxe Corner Dining Set with Rising Table and Ice Bucket

Having a consistently sunny or south-facing garden is generally seen as a huge positive, but it’s tough to enjoy the sun without the right places to relax. We recommend treating yourself to a sun lounger set or garden day bed so you can kick back and soak up those rays - but don’t forget to grab a parasol too for when the sun gets too hot. You might also consider a dining set with an integrated ice bucket - which makes another great way to cool off.

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Top tip: It’s lovely to make the most of the sun, but creating areas of shade are important on the hottest days, especially for children and pets. Gazebos, pergolas and trees are all great shade-providing options, and many of our outdoor dining sets also come with a hole in the centre of the table for adding a parasol.

Gavi Day Bed

Feeling overlooked by your neighbours? It’s hard to relax when you think there might be a few pairs of eyes on you - even if that’s not really the case! Planting a hedge or a screen of trees is a great option, but not really a quick fix. We think a roofed garden day bed is the ideal solution - a comfortable place to relax, with a welcome level of privacy.

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Top tip: Other ways to create a more private-feeling garden are to invest in pergolas, gazebos, and parasols - or install trellis, which can add height to both walls and fences.

Find your perfect garden furniture

Is it time to give your garden the makeover you deserve? Explore our range of modern, stylish and high quality garden furniture to help you enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

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