Colour Mood Boosters

Mood boosters

Think about your favourite colour – what feeling springs to mind? Does it make you happy, calm, excited? Artists, interior designers and psychologists have long believed the colours we surround ourselves with can affect our moods and emotions in different ways – so finding the ‘right’ colour for a room can be a brilliant way to alter the whole atmosphere of your home.

Why does colour
affect us so much?

Some shades have a physical effect – looking at red raises our heart rate, and blue has been shown to make our bodies release calming chemicals. Other colours have positive associations, for example, green is relaxing as it conjures up nature. Cultural differences also play a part (red is considered lucky in China), as do past experiences – you may love purple because your mum always wore it, or hate it because it was your school uniform colour!

As well as thinking about how a shade makes you feel, it’s also worth considering the ‘temperature’ of a colour when looking for room décor ideas. ‘Warm’ colours such as red, yellow and orange inspire feelings of comfort and sociability, while ‘cool’ hues such as blue, green and lilac are calming and peaceful.

The colour you choose for your sofa will change the atmosphere of your room

Meet your match

To work out which colours combine well together, take a tip from professional interior designers and use a colour wheel – a circular diagram with different coloured sectors that show the relationship between colours. For an uplifting, bright feel, go for a ‘complementary’ scheme, which uses two colours directly opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green, or violet and orange. For a more relaxing vibe, try a ‘harmonious’ scheme, which uses two or three colours that are next to each other, such as pink, mauve and purple.

Colour Wheel
Red Zinc Chair

Once you’ve chosen your colours, think about tints and tones. Whether you prefer energetic, bright shades or fresh, paler pastels, be sure to mix in one or two neutrals (such as white, grey, black, taupe or brown), which work with any colour on the wheel.

Before you know it, you’ll have a living room or bedroom colour scheme that looks good, works well and lifts your spirits whenever you walk in the door.

Instant transformation

You don’t have to completely redecorate to use colour as a mood booster – a new sofa or statement chair in your chosen shade will transform a neutral room instantly. For a showstopping splash of excitement, energy and, if you’re lucky, passion, make a cheery cherry red corner sofa the centre of attention in your living room. A bright sunshine yellow is perfect for creating a welcoming feel, while purple is often associated with luxury and creativity. Alternatively, to create a calm, restful room to unwind in, choose a sofa in dark blue, a hue that’s been found to lower the heart rate, inspire hope and clear the mind. What more could you ask from your living room?