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How to use your Cinesound sofa

From 4D vibration to integrated bluetooth sound - there’s lots to love about a Cinesound sofa. To help you get the most out of your exciting new cinema sofa, we’ve put together this user guide with tips, tricks and troubleshooting to make you an expert in no time.

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Turning on your Cinesound sofa

To turn on your Cinesound sofa, simply ensure your sofa is plugged into a mains power socket, and hold down the power button on the console for 3 seconds. You should hear a “Power on” voice prompt, and the buttons should now glow blue. To switch your sofa off again, simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds, and you should hear a “Power off” voice prompt, letting you know your sofa is now on standby mode.

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Connecting a device

Cinesound sofas are designed to work with a variety of devices that have bluetooth functions, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs. To connect a device, switch on your sofa by holding down the power button for 3 seconds, until you hear “Power on” - the blue flashing icon indicates your sofa is now ready to pair with your device. Simply turn on Bluetooth mode on your compatible device, select “Smart Sofa 01A” and pair with it. Your Cinesound sofa will now play audio from the device you have connected.

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Playing media

Once connected to a device, you can control audio playback from your device as normal, or you can use the buttons on the console. To pause or play audio, short press the power button; you can also increase and decrease the volume, and skip tracks forward or backward, using the relevant buttons on the console. Short press the volume buttons to gradually adjust the volume, or hold either down to continuously increase or decrease the volume to minimum or maximum levels.

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Vibration mode

The 4D vibration technology in your Cinesound sofa can bring you closer to the action than ever before. Each seat of the sofa can switch vibration mode on, choose between two intensity levels, and switch it off independently using the vibration mode buttons. Simply short press the vibration button to cycle through the options.

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Using the chilled cup holders

To open the cup holders, short press the open button on the console, and the compartment will begin to slide open from the front of the sofa. You can stop it during opening by short pressing the button again; one final press while either partly or fully open will then close the compartment. While the compartment is open, the cup holders will even chill any drinks you place inside them.

Simple, straightforward controls

Need a refresh on what each button on your console does? Check them out below.

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Long press on/off.

Short press: Pause/play.

Note: the bluetooth will be ready for connection when power is on.

Short press: Activate vibration level 1

Short press again: Activate vibration level 2

Third short press: Deactivate vibration

Long press: Disconnect bluetooth

Short press: Enable/disable broadcast

Long press: Enable/disable all functions

Short press: Gradually decrease volume

Long press: Continuously decrease volume to mute

Short press: Gradually increase volume

Long press: Continuously increase volume until maximum with "Du...Du...Du..." sound

First short press: Open

Second short press: Pause

Third short press: Close

Long-distance wireless charging 10W

Connecting multiple Cinesound pieces

These clever sofas can work together to deliver an even more immersive experience - broadcasting audio from your TV or phone across your setup of Cinesound sofas, chairs and footstools.

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Cinesound Sofa FAQs

Burning question about our immersive cinema sofas? Here’s the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions…

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If one of your Cinesound sofas has a console, you can sync multiple models together to all play the same audio. Your Bluetooth device will need to connect to the main piece with the console, and the other sofas will connect to this main console. Simply use the Sync button to sync your sofas together.

Cinesound sofas are designed to work with any device which uses Bluetooth connectivity. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, handheld games consoles, digital projectors, audio systems and more.

No, your Cinesound sofa will only play audio from one device at once. To play audio from a different device, long press the bluetooth button on the console to disconnect, then connect to a new device.

Your Cinesound sofa will be assembled and plugged in for you by our delivery experts. All that’s left to do is for you to connect your chosen device via bluetooth, which should take no more than a minute or two.

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