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Fabric sofas are perfect for snuggling down on with your whole family – pets and snacks included. We’ve put together some tips to help you take care of the heart of your home.

Take all the cushions off and give your sofa a quick hoover once a week to remove any collected crumbs. Run the vacuum over all the cushions to lift off any surface dirt and dust using an attachment with a soft brush to avoid damaging the fabric and set your hoover on a low suction setting.

Watch those new black jeans on your light-coloured sofa. There’s a chance that the dye might transfer onto the upholstery.

Stay away from the washing machine. Our fabrics aren’t designed to be washed and giving covers a spin at even a low temperature could affect how fire retardant they are, as well as cause the colours to seep and the fabric to shrink.

Five year protection plan

Our 5 year fabric protection plan

We know how important your sofa is to the home. Our 5 year fabric protection plan has been designed to protect your fabric sofa from unexpected damage.

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Our Fabricare kit

Get rid of marks and spills quickly and easily with our Fabricare kit. It comes with two stain removers in different strengths, as well as a general cleaner, a soft cloth, a sponge and a full set of instructions.

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